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  1. I love this one...thanks for the pattern!
  2. That's so pretty! Thanks for another gorgeous pattern!
  3. Thanks for this one...especially the Christmas version! I love it
  4. I love that square! Thanks so much
  5. Fantastic...Mammy and the red petticoat is my favorite!!
  6. It's cute...it looks like a cheeseburger to me
  7. Adorable hats...Thanks so much for the pattern
  8. Regina it's fantastic as usual!! I love the skelly fish
  9. Cristal she's gorgeous!! Raggedy dolls have always been my fave!!!
  10. This is the link http://www.knittingdailytv.com/programs/1600/1605-3.asp Congrats Drew!!
  11. It's too cute...what a great little purse! Good job!
  12. Tina they are very cute...good job!! It's a great way to use up yarn bits!!
  13. Sockmonky!! I'm in Ottawa and have the same weather as you!!! Too snowy too soon
  14. What a beautifully organized craft room you have I need someone to come and redo mine!!
  15. Fabulous color combo....it's beautiful!!!
  16. http://www5a.biglobe.ne.jp/~mite/gurumineko/4/amizu1_3.html This is the link to the Japanese pattern.
  17. Not for the Large one...that's the one I had to figure out myself.
  18. Sorry folks...I'm removing the pattern that I translated...I don't want any problems with anyone.
  19. Thanks everyone...I got the pattern from a japanese site...the pattern for the large one is not translated to english...I used bablefish and my own imagination to figure it out. As for thier names...the orange one is Ginger, the pink camo one is Eggroll and I haven't decided on the large ones name yet...still thinking! Any ideas??
  20. This is the Large Ameniko I've been working on. The coke can and the little ones are there to show the size of him. I translated a pattern from a Japanese site! http://yarntothemax.blogspot.com/2007/11/big-cat.html The pictures are on my BLOG
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