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  1. kahud48

    Parasol Crochet Square

    Thank you Empress, I just got an email back last night from James and he said that the patterns should be out in just a few months. It will be in a Leisure Arts book that I believe will be called "50 Squares" he said. I am so looking forward to this one
  2. kahud48

    Parasol Crochet Square

    I hope I spell this right.... I am looking for a square pattern that I believe was called "Parasol". I found it free online before but can't find it now. Can anyone help, does anyone know what the link is to this pattern? Thanks
  3. kahud48

    More Yarn ~Purple~ *Gone!*

    Hi There, this is CrochetKnitAndMore How are you doing? I am still making slippers left and right over here Do you still have these? If you still have any, I would be interested in them
  4. kahud48

    Kentucky here

    Sure Nance, that would be awesome:clap I sent you an e-mail already!! I am doing a Charity program too for our local BRASS (Battered women and their children). I will tell you all about it when you e-mail me back This is just so cool to have neighbor crochet buddies right out my back door
  5. kahud48

    Kentucky here

    Hey there, I live here in Bowling Green......... this is so cool!! You all live right out my back door:cheer Howdy neighbor's!! thebackfence Nance----thanks for the compliments on my etsy shop things Nikki mecread ft campbell danni42683
  6. kahud48

    sold, please lock this thread.

    E-mail me if you have any left Vicki, I might be interested in what you have left, as always
  7. That is so elegant Kathy, very pretty. You always do nice work
  8. kahud48

    my Spring Bug Fridgies

    Those are just too cute! Thanks for sharing them..........my fav is the lady bug
  9. kahud48

    Somethin's Fishy Kitty Blanket now available

    Oh I like that! Very nice, you did a lot of work on that one. Very pretty! You just gave me an idea on what I want to design next!
  10. kahud48

    Yarn for sale

    I sent you a PM
  11. Oh Lisa, That is just beautiful!! I love the colors you choose to make it in, the flowers just pop out at you.......Nice, very nice And the hearts are gorgeous!
  12. The ghans are so beautiful. I didn't know that you guys were making these ghans for the Irwins until this morning. I think that what you all have done here is an awesome thing, and God will most surely pour out many blessings to each and everyone of you for being so giving and so loving in heart. I am honored angelfire and am humbled that one of my design will be a part of this beautiful ghan for Bindi And I am so thankful to you for testing it for me. If you might need anymore squares for Bindi's ghan, please give me a yell, I would love to make one if anymore are needed.
  13. It turned out beautiful Lisa, and the daisy's really set it off nicely They are addictive
  14. kahud48

    Fresh as a Daisy Afghan For Baby (FINISHED)

    Don't you worry none about that........she will, how could she not love that? It is so nice, she will love it