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  1. I haven't been able to pop in as much as I used to as I keep my grandkids a lot now and work from home, but I made an afghan for my younger son and his wife as they are expecting their first in June so thought I'd post it. They did the nursery in blue and gray with elephants. I drew the picture, then graphed it.
  2. Really beautiful afghan! I don't think I've ever seen one using the colors of a sunset like that. What a wonderful gift for your father!
  3. Beautiful afghan - I have to echo everyone else's comments - love the colors! That's a true labor of love with all those ends you had to weave in.
  4. I love Henry! He's really adorable!
  5. We have a very friendly LYS in my town. They are just as responsive to crocheters as they are to knitters. When I was in there about three weeks ago, one of the ladies working there was crocheting a shawl. I like to support local businesses as much as possible so I when I need yarn that is usually my first stop. They carry expensive yarn, but they also have very moderately priced yarn as well. I want the yarn shop to be successful and to stay in business for many years so I try to support them whenever I can.
  6. Both are great, but I really love the cable one! Fabulous colors!
  7. Dextersmom


    That is so cute - great job!
  8. Dextersmom

    Sugar Mouse

    My husband gave me the Super Cute Crochet book by Nicki Trench for Christmas and I really wanted to make something from it. The Sugar Mice pattern looked easiest and fastest so here's mine! Crocheting it was easy but doing the eyes and nose gave me a little trouble.
  9. I love this yarn from Knit Picks and wanted to make something warm and quick. I just did the "woven stitch" from the Crochet Stitch Bible and kept going until I used up the whole ball of yarn.
  10. Great scarf - very manly! I think what you described may be the "woven stitch." It's one of my favorites too!
  11. Beautiful scarf! I love the color!
  12. I like the range of colors! It's very pretty. And how thoughtful of you to think of your nephew's girlfriend.
  13. Thank you all so much for your kind words! It's so nice to have someone appreciate the little things you make them and even ask you to make more. I'm very blessed!
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