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    "WAY" down in S. Georgia
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    LOVE crochet, photography, genealogy, restoring all photographs
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    Happily Retired!!
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    doilies (pre 1940 patterns)
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  1. Linda

    Tegan Doily

    A new doily called Tegan designed by Grace Fearon. The pattern is currently in testing, but it should be a success when available for purchase. My test doily measures 18 inches across and was made with #10 thread using a #4/2.00mm hook.
  2. This doily comes from Bucilla Crochet Book No. 1 published in 1914. Made with #20 LizBeth thread using #10 hook and measures 18 inches.
  3. Linda

    Two pink Gütermann sewing thread doilies

    They are so pretty!
  4. Linda

    Sirius Doily

    Sirius Doily designed by Julie Haberberger and from the book "Stella Beauties". Used #10 Thread - Artiste Porcelain and Aunt Lydia Maize with a #7/1.65 mm hook. Finished size 13 1/2 inches. Completed 7/28/2016. I had also made this doily several years ago substituting gold thread for the yellow Maize.
  5. I have no idea of where I got this pattern from. It's been in my "want to make" stack for some time. It as completed in June using Lizbeth #20 thread in Christmas red and Red Heart #20 thread in white, with a #11 hook.
  6. Linda

    Model 46 doily

    This is a doily that I found along the way that simply is named "Model 46". It was made with Cebelia #20 using a #10 hook. It measures 15 1/2 inches finished. The center of the doily is what caught my eye when I saw the pattern.
  7. Linda

    Two of a kind doily

    I haven't posted for some time, but I have been busy making DOILIES. The latest is called two of a kind and comes from Magic Crochet issue 77. The larger doily in the set I may make at a later time. I made two of the smaller ones with #20 thread using a #12 hook and they measure 11 inches each.
  8. Decided to make another one of these and change the color placement slightly. I also eliminated the popcorn stitches. Made with #10 thread. Measures 22 inches.
  9. This doily comes from a magazine called Ganchillo Artistico, issue 284. The design is by Fujiko Takagi. Made with #20 thread using a #10 hook and measures 17 inches. I just love the delicate detail of the doily. Started 4/15/2013; finished 4/26/2013.
  10. This doily is a PK design from the book Ultimate Doilies. Made with #10 thread using a #5 hook. The pattern called for a #4 hook, but that's just too large for me; typically I use a #7 hook with #10 thread. Measures 22 inches (but I do block rather tightly). Started 4/5/2013; finished 4/14/2013.
  11. This pattern comes from a foreign magazine that called it simply Modell 2. It's such a pretty pattern and needed a pretty name to go with it. Made with Lizbeth #20 thread and measures 26 inches. Started 3/13/2013; completed 4/2/2013.
  12. Linda

    Starflower Doily

    This is the 2nd doily I've made from the publication Stella Beauties by Julie Haberberger. Made with #10 thread using #7 hook and measures 15 1/2 inches across. Started 4/2/2013; finished 4/5/2013.
  13. That's my name for this doily. Can you see the ice cream cones in it? That's what I thought of when I first saw the pattern. I found it on the web. Made with #10 thread. Measures 15 inches across. Started 3/9/13; finished 3/13/13.
  14. Linda

    Sirius Doily

    This doily comes from the book "Stella Beauties". It was made with #10 thread and measures 14 inches across. It was a fun doily to make and worked up rather quickly. I love the look of gold in it! There are a couple of other patterns in this book that are on my "want to do" list.
  15. Linda

    Bogendeckchen Doily

    Made with Lizbeth #20 thread. Measure 19 inches. Started 2/27/2013; finished 3/5/2013.