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  1. Debbie if the women there want to teach you i would suggest you let them show you their spindles and how they work before you embark on buying one. It really doesn't matter if it is a top or bottom whorl the method is the same, its the weight of the whorl that determines the thickness spun. The great thing is you can go anywhere with a spindle and it is a great way of brining women together despite the language barriers. Enjoy the experience.
  2. :cheerHooray! It arrived Elizabeth you rock girl the shawl is soooo gorgeous I just love it. Thankyou so much and for the little Disney ball you sent that was an added suprise. Thankyou thankyou !:hug I love them will treasure them always:manyheart
  3. jacqui

    Brown llama fur...

    Oh and when you wash it i suggest warm water shampoo and conitioner and do not aggitate or it will felt on you.It can be washed before you spin but personally i would spin it first and wash after.
  4. jacqui

    Brown llama fur...

    First thing first do you spin at all? Have you got a dog comb? You need to spread the fleece out and literally pull it apart into what is called staples (locks)put them into a box with all the tips facing the same direction. You don't need to wash it first but you do need to sort it like this to make it easier to handle.Then providing its not got to much vegitaion in it you can spin directly from the staples or you can get someone with a drumcarder to card it into roving for you.It isn't as daunting as you think if you start doing it a little at a time ok.I spin Alpaca fleece and i do this with it ,then i comb the staples with a dog comb, lay the combed staples in another box and when that is full i spin it. But i have a wheel. If you are still feeling overwhelmed you could contact a spinning guild near you and see if some one would like to buy the fleece from you,or if you can pay some one to spin it for you. If you have sorted the fleece out first and combed it, it should be cheaper to have spun ,as thats where the bulk of the work is, in the sorting and carding, not so much the spinning as people think. I hope this helps good luck.
  5. Antara i haven't heard anything from Elizabeth at all for weeks is she ok?
  6. Donnalynn I can't believe it ,the wool arrived ! Thankyou so much
  7. I have made Tunisian afghans using a size 7mm hook and literall jamming as many stitches as i could onto the hook. The i have had a box of different colors beside my chair and just reached in and used whatever came out. I would do however many rows took my fancy and change color all over the place and created a number of 'patchwork ' effect squares all over the afghan. Then i made a border all around using back and front post dc in normal crochet. They looked fantastic and people thought i had sewn all the squares together when i hadn't.They ended up being wide enough for a single bed and make wonderful couch throws.
  8. jacqui

    Help needed

    Scroll down to the show and tell accessories section and look at Joybeans Cabled purse for spring. There are others also that you could make and add the fancy crystals or pearls to if you aren't up to creating your own yet. That purse you had the link to was knitted but i am sure you can do heaps better than that with a little imagination .You try it.
  9. I was taught that this is rude for the above reasons. Personally as it is your church, ask your pastor what his view is and if it offends him stop.He is the one doing the talking so his opinion would be the only one i think would count in this situation.
  10. So pleased it got there in one peice ,hope you like it . Hugs Jacqui
  11. The roving is lovely colors Holly whatcha gunna make when your finger heals. ROTFL! a Lizard muzzle right !
  12. 10 weeks and counting. Darn postal service,theres no service and i'm feeling POSTAL! LOL!
  13. Try crochet pattern central i'm sure you will find something there to inspire you, they have free patterns.I found the Bernat Pom Pom shawl very easy to do I think i got it from there.
  14. Its been a while since I've seen anyone put up pics or tell what they've been spinning lately. Where is everyone?
  15. That green ruffled one is lovely it would look good on you Donna.
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