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  1. Howdy everyone!!! Haven't been here in a bit... Here's my latest January 2012 blanket... Where did 2011 go? http://madcrochetingfool1.blogspot.com/2012/01/january-wave-blanket.html Linda warpspeedlinda (Ravelry)
  2. Thanks everyone!! I love the way this color turned out on this afghan. The colors make me feel happy. Linda
  3. I love the way this afghan turned out! It took me a while to complete it with all my other projects I was side tracked by. It's name is Honeycomb afghan. I also completed this stash purse for yarn projects. It was very easy, I made it last friday night. Both are free patterns on my Ravelry projects page. http://madcrochetingfool1.blogspot.com/2011/04/weekend-of-april-23rd.html Linda Warpspeedlinda (on Ravelry)
  4. Thanks everyone!! I'm having a ball dressing my Jeep daily. ohhh what to wear!! :lol:lol:lol I'm working on one with hearts right now. Linda
  5. I created this one from scraps...no pattern just winging it as I went. This is fun! http://madcrochetingfool1.blogspot.com/2011/04/tire-doily-original.html Linda (Warpspeedlinda - Ravelry)
  6. Thanks so much. That was the first week of March at Lake Camanche up in the outskirts of IONE, and Burston California. My husband caught the lake record with his 12 pounder and I came in second with 9.5 pounder...hehehe
  7. I don't know what pattern you are talking about since you haven't posted a picture or described it. There are many ocean wave patterns. Here's one that might be what you are talking about. It looks sort of like a wave to me and it's free. http://www.********.com/afghans/pat3.htm Linda
  8. Found these online. Just do a search on Starburst Hot pads for the pattern...and look for the same name on Utube for a video on how to put together...once you see it you'll be addicted. I made these in 5 days after work.... http://madcrochetingfool1.blogspot.com/2011/03/starburst-hot-pads.html Linda Warpspeedlinda on Ravelry
  9. Yup been around here since 2005... Linda
  10. Thanks everyone!!! I can't wait to drive and show it off...I just love this! I'm looking at doilies in a whole new way. Linda
  11. I just completed this car doily. http://madcrochetingfool1.blogspot.com/2011/04/car-doily-for-my-tweety-jeep.html I'm so excited can't wait to make one in another color. Linda
  12. Yup that's my hubby!! He's the Van Gogh of ball winders...:lol:lol He's retired so all I did was give him a tub of yarn and said 'If you're bored today you can make me some magic balls." I came home from work and couldn't believe my eyes. I'm almost out of magic balls so I have to put together another tub of scraps for him.. For my next craft fair I think I might put together some to sell. Linda http://madcrochetingfool1.blogspot.com
  13. You are welcome! Have fun and make sure to post some awsome looking bags! That goes for all of you that make one. Linda
  14. So many patterns out there are about the same as mine...I sort of read a bunch of them and winged it with my own. The whole bag is done in all Single crochet stitches. Hold two pieces of yarn together like you do for an afghan. Use a L hook make a chain of about 28 or longer depending on how big you make your bottom...I start with 28 then increase six stitches on each end of the chain. (To increase make two single crochet stitches in three end stitches) but first do one row down the chain and put three sc stitches in the last stitch single crocheting up the back of the chain to the other end. Ending with 3 single crochet stitches in the last stitch. Now go around and around increasing 2 in the end 3 stitches for about 6 rounds... then quit increasing and the bag will start turning up...continue to crochet until you have about 28 or 29 rows or until you think this bag is tall enough. then eye ball your bag and single crochet over to where you think the first handle should start...make a chain as long as you want your handle then skip over to where you want the other side of your handle to be...attach it to the rim with a single crochet...and continue in sc around the bag and do the same thing for the other handle on the other side of bag. Hope this makes sense. then continue to single crochet around your bag and into the chain of the handles you created on the last round...(twice) cut yarn tuck in the end and WA-LA your bag is born!!! Hope you all have fun crocheting this one... Linda
  15. :cheerWOW!!! :yay Makes me feel so good that you love these blankets as much as I do. They are so much fun. I think I've made about 20 of them so far. hahaha Have you seen my Handy Dandy everything magic ball bags??? OMG...what have I started??? hahaha http://madcrochetingfool1.blogspot.com/2010/09/handy-dandy-everything-bags.html
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