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  1. If you google "how to test yarn content" you will get results on how to do a burn test. (I can't link to my search results for some reason). Chenille yarn can also be made out of rayon....
  2. Here is my version of the Keepsake Stocking from Red Heart's site. I used Hobby Lobby's I Love this Yarn overdyed in Caitlyn for the yarn. This was knit on 2 needles instead of double points, so I had to brush up on my mattress stitch to seam it!
  3. Here is my rectangle granny afghan. I was inspired by this project over at Ravelry. I used all stash yarn...I really like how this one came out!
  4. HaHaHa! This happens to me too! I have so many odd balls and skeins of yarn that I am trying to use up....they sure do seem to get in a mess all by themselves!
  5. I'm pretty monogamous when it comes to projects....unless it's an afghan that is taking forever to complete....then I may have a scarf or something small on the go too.
  6. I was able to get to the pattern....try this.
  7. What about a dress, or pottery, or wall art, more wall art, or candle shelters, or a tablerunner. Look at this incredible dress!
  8. What about snowflakes? Or a snowman. Those aren't specifically Christmas, more of a winter theme....
  9. Ooooh...very nice! What pattern did you use? I'm always looking for nice scrap patterns!
  10. Here is my Pumpkin Face Throw. This free pattern popped up in my newsfeed on facebook and I had to make it for Halloween. The best part was I used all stash yarn! Here is my Ravelry link. I didn't have any purple yarn, so I substituted yellow.
  11. How sweet! Congratulations to your daughter!
  12. Nice job! I make up extra blankets to have on hand too.....
  13. Nice! I love this pattern....I think this would look good in many color combinations....hmmmmm, maybe I need to track down this pattern too!
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