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    married, mom of 2, doggie mom of 4. learned to crochet during Christmas 2004
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    SW VA
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    crochet, reading, collecting blue and white transferware, surfing the web
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    since Christmas of 2004
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    not sure yet
  1. dogymom

    A Sweater for Banjo

    awwww... too cute, Tina!!!!!
  2. dogymom


    HI, and welcome from Virginia:hook
  3. dogymom

    New Member

    Hi Heather, and welcome from Virginia:hook
  4. dogymom

    Blue Whirly : LINK ADDED in 1st post

    I've added a link in the first post if anyone would like the chart for this. It is not english, but if I can figure out how to use a chart, anyone can!
  5. dogymom

    Giant Granny Square Afgan Along?

    I love your yarn choice!!! It turned out so pretty.
  6. dogymom

    Giant Granny Square Afgan Along?

    But yet it's oh so easy:devil
  7. dogymom

    Giant Granny Square Afgan Along?

    What pretty colors!!!!!
  8. dogymom

    Giant Granny Square Afgan Along?

    Thanks everyone!!!! Wendy, it is a Christmas gift, but she dropped by the other day and saw it draped across my lap as I was working on it! So I guess it's not a surprise!!!!
  9. dogymom

    Giant Granny Square Afgan Along?

    Hey y'all, I finally finished one!!! This granny's for my mom, using Homespun and Bernat Chunky. Hope she likes!!! Oh, I do have to weave in the ends, though:(
  10. dogymom

    Puppy and Flower Afghan

    That is just too precious!!!! Wonderful work! (hmmm.... I actually wouldn't mind having one of those for myself, after all I'm the dogymom:P)
  11. dogymom

    PKs Splendid Doily

    Stunning!!!! NEED that pattern; yes indeed!!! Simply stunning!!!!
  12. dogymom

    Drew-string Purses for Fall and Winter!

    AWESOME Dude!!!! (couldn't help myself . Used to say this as a teenager) But they are great Drew!!!!I actually think that these are my favorite from your purse line. (ok...add to list...hmmm..move near top...ok..move to top)
  13. dogymom

    Skull Purse and Fingerless Gloves

    Too cute!!!! My DD would love those!!!
  14. dogymom

    Blue and White

    WOW! Only 6 weeks?! Gorgeous!!!!
  15. dogymom

    Giant Granny Square Afgan Along?

    So far I've used about 7 skeins of homespun, and it's not at 5 feet yet.