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    Since 1999, my grandmother taught me
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    Hats and more hats!!
  1. buggaboosmommy

    If I Only Had A Brain Shawl

    Can I just say I'm speechless??????? I volunteer with the American Stroke Association and I am in LOVE with your brain!!! I actually ran a marathon with them in October in honor of my dad who suffered two strokes last year. They used a brain jello mold to create a little treat after the race. lol I LOVE LOVE LOVE your shawl!!! Donna
  2. buggaboosmommy

    Knitting book

    We chatted last night about it :clapThank you:hugWe'll talk again tonight! Donna
  3. buggaboosmommy

    elderly man robbed and beaten- can we help?

    What a horrible horrible story! I have to say seeing that he was unable to make it to ring the church bell for the first time in 66 years just broke my heart. I mean, it's probably one thing he really looked forward to each week and something that made him feel important. What is this world coming too. Count me and my family in! He deserve to be pampered, that's for sure. I wonder..since it is in a town you live in would you be interested in doing a comfortghan? I'll make something, maybe a hat or something, it won't be much with the holidays coming and a few other commitments..but it will be something! Donna
  4. buggaboosmommy

    Holiday Wish List 2007 - Thank yous

    I would like to thank the wonderful Elf who sent a gift certificate for Minimus for $25. :rudI can not tell you how far $25 will go in buying supplies for the comfort bags. Comfort bags are sent to my husband's unit when they deploy containing "basic" needs such as toothpaste, shampoo, socks, and even a little fun like a hacky sack or deck of cards. This small gesture makes a BIG difference and YOU are now a part of it!! :ctreeThank you!! Donna
  5. buggaboosmommy

    Holiday Wish List 2007 - Sign ups

    Happy Holidays Not much crochet related, I have a ton of patterns and yarn...so moving on to other things. 1. Gift certificate to http://www.minimus.biz/ to be used to create more comfort bags for my husband's unit as they deploy. *Granted a $25 gift certificate* 2. Coloring books, paper dolls, small trinkets for my three children (ages 10, 7, and 6..two girls, one boy) 3. gift certificate to Daddy dolls for the kids http://daddydolls.com/index.php 4. a pincushion like this http://www.flickr.com/photos/calamitykim/305014555/ 5. Marie Claire Idees magazine 6. Japanese craft magazine 7. Knitting Stitch Bible (a crochet friend found it, sending payment soon!) 8. Deceptively Delicious by Jessica Seinfeld 9. I'm a runner, so anything running related, especially from http://www.irunlikeagirl.com/default.asp or http://www.runningdivas.com/index.php 10. Gift Certificate to http://www.dogeared.com I have been wanting to "award" myself for running my first marathon, I found the perfect gift here! Thank you, Donna
  6. buggaboosmommy

    Knitting book

    I am interested in a used copy of the knitting stitch bible. I know I can buy it on ebay or new at a local bookstore. But my goal this year is to recycle and I would like a used copy. During the time of the great depression and wartimes in our country, people would recycle things..make them new again to give as gifts. This year, a small group of military wives and I have decided to recycle and reuse to create gifts for each other for the holiday season. It's in an effort to support our military, just as thousands of women did during wars before..and also an effort to free our children of lead products commonly made in China! Anyway, not asking for free, obviously! If anyone has one laying around Donna
  7. buggaboosmommy

    ISO-Japanese magazines

    I'm in search of japanese craft magazines. I am especially interested in ones with slippers, bags, and clothing inside. Anyone in Japan or know of a great place to buy them? Donna
  8. buggaboosmommy

    ISO: Alan Dart Yuletide Gnomes Pattern

    Or even look at this... very "clear" photos of Gnomey parts..hopefully this will give you a starting point to make your own without buying the pattern! http://knittingangel.typepad.com/my_weblog/2006/05/pieces_of_a_gno.html http://knittingangel.typepad.com/my_weblog/2006/05/construction_of.html http://knittingangel.typepad.com/my_weblog/2006/06/construction_of.html Donna
  9. buggaboosmommy

    ISO: Alan Dart Yuletide Gnomes Pattern

    I found this.. http://www.simplyknitting.co.uk/page/simplyknitting?entry=alan_dart_s_gnomes1 And also a great photo of one of the Gnomes made by a knitter...looks like a simple "doll" pattern, just with a funky hat and beard! http://www.flickr.com/photos/lucicat/ Donna
  10. buggaboosmommy

    How do you recycle a sweater?

    This is one of the best tutorial's I have found. http://neauveau.com/recycledyarn.html I love to use old sweaters for many things...sweater arms can become leg warmers and last year I made all new Christmas stockings for my children from old sweaters (just cut out a stocking pattern and stitched it up). Donna
  11. buggaboosmommy

    apple cozy?

    lol, it was my kids teacher! I ADORED them and so did the teacher's. They each received a knitted apple cozy with apple and a Chicken Soup for the Teacher's Soul book. And I start practicing making them myself and I have to tell you I LOVE my apple cozy!! I put the apple in the cozy and toss it in my bag..no worries about it getting bruised. I know some people think "what in the world", but I really like it! Plus, I'm totally the kind of girl that will eat it if it's in a pretty package, lol By the way, yours were MUCH cuter than the ones that website is selling! Here's the photo of the ones given to our teachers thanks to Mudpie's knitting skills! Image is clickable Donna
  12. buggaboosmommy

    gift for my doctor

    how about something practical? Stethoscope cozy? Donna
  13. buggaboosmommy

    I need some help badly!

    Since you said your mother likes to crochet, why not make her a small hook holder or small tote for a take along project? Crochet Pattern Central is the BEST place for patterns Donna
  14. buggaboosmommy

    "ugg" style boots?

    I would also check out the book "Candy Babies" by Candi Jensen. It features similar little boots and a jacket and hat to match..all crochet for up to 18 months. Donna
  15. buggaboosmommy

    There was an old lady who swallowed a fly...

    Well, if you can find a regular doll pattern, you should be able to modify it into an old lady and maybe stitch to the inside of her mouth a fabric pouch to "catch" all the animals. Of course crochet her body around the pouch so you can't see it. I think the doll would be the hardest..the animals would be fairly simple, since a lot of members on here make those cute little creations. Check out this for inspiration http://www.uncommongoods.com/item/item.jsp?source=related&itemId=14407 Donna