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  1. The Flag is basically just three panels. Measure the current blanket you have on it. Divide the width by two..one side for the red stripe, one for the white...then decide how long you want the blue field. The star will be simple, once you find the pattern you want, just use a larger hook and bulky yarn. Donna
  2. I made one last Christmas for a Teacher's Gift. The Texas Flag is really simple to make, the only "trouble" I had was finding a star pattern I liked (which I did at Crochet Pattern Central). Here's the one I made..it looks narrow in the photo, but it was nearly a twin size afghan. Donna http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v610/buggaboosmommy/32bdf9d1.jpg
  3. Let's see....always working on something 1. Outfit for Ro's organization 2. Knitted cloths 3. Shawl that I have been working on forever..hoping to finish one day 4. reading "The shop on blossom street"...only 6 chapters left Donna
  4. The ones I have were my great grandmothers...so I have no clue where she got them. I know in the bridal depts, they do sell the shoe forms, to be used for bridal favors...but they would probably work too. The two I have are different from those, they have a wider toe form. Donna
  5. Becks, That would be GREAT!!! I want to make a few for my grandmother (since my great grandmother made these when she was growing up)....I can't wait I have to molds..one is clear (that I took the photo of) and the other is pink, lol. You are awesome! Donna
  6. This is what I'm looking for. The first photo shoes the shoe form, and the crocheted shoe flat. The second photo shoes the crocheted shoe on the form..so you can see the detail. It is just a simple dc pattern, I think I am going to give it a whirl..was just hoping to find a pattern, lol. My great grandmother use to have tons of these, all different colors and some with emblishments, but this is the only one that could be found when she passed. So..here they are... Donna http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v610/buggaboosmommy/DSC00803.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v610/buggaboosm
  7. Hello I have a high heel shoe made out of thread that my Great Grandmother made before she passed. I also have the shoe forms she used to stiffen the shoe. So, my question is...does anyone know where I can find a pattern for a high heel shoe? I can scan the shoe tonight, but the only one I have isn't stiffened. Donna
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