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  1. the color is wonderful! awesome job!
  2. that is quite beautiful! You did an excellent job!
  3. good to see your still designing Kathy! Its a real beauty! Hope your doing good! MIss yA! Stacey
  4. i have a question what sort of hook do you use? I've seen several different sizes online. The pattern i have is not specific about the length. how long are hooks that are used on 'ghans usually?
  5. hi. i just saw your question. It really depends on what size opera u were using. I have found size 20 Lizbeth by www.hhtatting.com, works nicely in comparision to size 20 Opera. Hope that helps.
  6. I recently completed this doily from Patricia Kristoffersen's Exquisite Doilies. It is Dorothy. Made with size 10 aunt lydia's thread and size 8 steel hook, 18 inches in diameter. Pics are clickable.
  7. very pretty! you did a great job on that doily!
  8. starching,. blocking, and pinning are all good ideas with a framed piece. Another thing, I do is to "tack" the edges of the doily down with a needle and sewing thread. Some people prefer an adhesive but I think that actually would make the thread deterioriate more quickly. I would definately recommend the sewing though.
  9. its gorgeous Cathryn! Excellent job!
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