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  1. shrug for DD#1 hello kitty purse for DD#2 kathys irish crochet purse christmas stocking
  2. I used the glue and water mixture on my snowflakes this year. It really does a great job. Just remember equal parts. That tree is wonderful. I'd like to try that sometime myself.
  3. You know my right wrist pops when I'm making doilies. Not when I work with yarn. Hmmm. It doesnt do it every time but I was wondering about it myself. I wonder if we could do anything for it. Or if its bad at all?
  4. ahh. the latest WIP from Patricia Kristoffersen's ultimate doily collection #2. another doily... another day. Is there such thing as life without a WIP?
  5. Well I'm almost finished with the Yellow rambler rose doily! I started a new Patricia K doily "with a twist" last night in baby blue. Haven't touched the catherdal window 'ghan again yet. its on the to do list. Have about 20 more snowflakes to make before Christmas. Thats about it right now!
  6. Still the Catherdal Window 'ghan. I'll pick it up again soon. Yellow Rambler Rose Doily--- 3 motifs to go!! 6 bath poufs for christmas--- 2 completed.
  7. My WIPs--- Cathedral Window Afghan wild grape doily (so close to being complete it hurts... ran out of thread though...)
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