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Butterfly of Yarn Bookmark


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Hi. :hook I figure I would try to come up with another bookmark pattern for those who either cant work with thread or don't like to. This is what a came up with. This is great for using up scraps :yes and there is no weaving in ends in this pattern, because one end is use for the antennas and the other can be incorporated into the tassel. :cheer

Please send me a pm if you find any errors. :)


Butterfly of Yarn Bookmark


Copyright to champygirl June 13, 2010


Worsted Weight yarn (4 ply works best)
Size E hook (3.50)

Finish Size: Bookmark as a whole - 18”inches, Butterfly – about 2”h x 1 ½”w at its widest.

Notes: Please read.

Work over tail as you go, this will ensure the tail will be at top of buttery when finishing wings of butterfly.

When starting the butterfly the 6th chain from hook (or first chain made) is your starting chain.

The Starting hole is the hole created by working all those stitches into the starting chain (first chain made or 6th chain from hook.)


Butterfly Wings: Leaving a 5” to 6” inch tail ch6, sl st in 4th chain from hook, 2 dc in starting chain, ch2, sl st in starting chain, ch4, sl st in 2nd chain from hook, sl st in each of the next 2 chains, sl st in starting chain, ch4, sl st in 2nd chain from hook, sl st in each of the next 2 chains, sl st in starting chain, ch2, 2 dc in starting chain, ch4, sl st in 4th chain from hook, ch2, sl st in starting chain.

Butterfly Body: Ch1, sl st in starting hole, ch1 (by inserting hook in same starting hole, yarn over, and pull thru loop on hook), sl st around sl st separating lower wings.

Bookmark Part: Ch1, from back of butterfly insert hook in starting hole working in front and around butterfly’s body and then insert hook back thru starting hole so the hook is in back of butterfly again. (At this point from the back of your work your hook will have the butterfly’s body on it) Yarn over, pull hook out of butterfly’s body to pull up a loop, pull loop thru loop on hook, ch65. Fasten off leaving a loop and a 6” to 7” inch tail.

Antennas: The tail from starting chain should be at the top of your butterfly and in between the top big wings. Fray tail into two (2 ply for each antenna). Insert hook into very top of butterfly’ body, yarn over with one of the antennas and pull thru. Now knot the two antennas together. To keep antennas from fraying anymore make a knot on each antenna. Trim antenna to desired length but do not trim right next to knots.

Tassel: Cut 5-12” inch pieces of yarn. Insert hook in loop (at end of bookmark), fold pieces of yarn in half over hook, pull hook out of loop to form a loop with pieces of yarn, pull loose yarn thru loop (form from pieces of yarn), pull taut. Make knot to secure tassel. Trim to desired length.



Copyright to Amelia Beebe AKA champygirl June 13, 2010. Do not claim this pattern as your own and do not sell the pattern. It is free for a reason. Do not copy and paste pattern to another website, please use a link. You can do whatever you want with the finish item you make. You can sell the finish item, or make it for charity, or make it as a gift. Whatever floats your boat. If you do sell the item online, do not use my photo, make your own and take a picture of that.

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Wow this is one cute looking butterfly bookmark and what i appreciate the most sweetie aside from it being lovely is that its made from Yarn....


I cant crochet with thread even if it were to save my life so this yarn one will make a great donation to my local library......


Thanks so much for your creativity and please do come up with more yarn bookmarls.... heheheheheh



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Well, I am definietely the thread crocheter :hook but it doesn't change the fact I DO LIKE your pattern and I know many will use it for another beautiful bookmarks :clap:clap:clap

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Awesome! I'm struggling with finishing a thread project now. It's just a small thing and I've been on it forever. I don't do thread well so yes, this is very much welcome. Thank you!

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