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    I enjoy crafting and trying new crafts as well as swapping with others and making new friends.
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    crochet, knitting, clays, beading, ATC's, inchies, etc :)
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    full-time working mum
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  1. CrochetBoosh

    Watermelon coin purselon

    That is so good being with no pattern!!
  2. CrochetBoosh

    Granny Pillows done!

    I love the colors, so very pretty!
  3. CrochetBoosh

    Amigurumi Swap - Mailing deadline Saturday 3/24/12!!!

    I'm so happy you like it I love what you had sent me too!! I still have to get pictures though. Thank you again, you are a sweet person
  4. CrochetBoosh

    Basket of Goodies Swap - Mailing deadline 5/9/12!

    Oh for as nice and fun this swap sounds, I just don't know if I was to or not, lol. Still deciding here.
  5. CrochetBoosh

    7th Bracelet giveaway - Winner is announced

    Very pretty! Please add me
  6. :(Wanted to let you all know there was a big family emergency that has caused me delay in my sending out. Will be in the mail in the morning. I am truly sorry for this...this is not like me at all.
  7. :cheerWill have my package out tomorrow, had to wait til payday, you know how that goes. But my partner should love what she gets
  8. So creative and I love all these, please enter me
  9. Love the colors. Please enter me! Thnaks!
  10. Such an awesome idea! Please enter me
  11. CrochetBoosh

    Luck-o-the-Irish? Earrings giveaway--WINNER SELECTED

    I love those and I have nothing irish Please enter me!! Thanks!
  12. CrochetBoosh

    Hello From Pa

    :welcomeI'm from Pa too. Hope you'll enjoy your stay!
  13. :cheerI'll keep an eye out. I hope to have your package out tomorrow or wednesday. I've got the box in my car yet to see if it will work for me, lol. Hope you'll enjoy your goodies
  14. :cheerI love how you made those hooks, so creative! Please enter me, I'd love to win one Thanks!!
  15. Very pretty hooks, such a wonderful idea! Please enter me in this. :cheerThank you!