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    I enjoy crafting and trying new crafts as well as swapping with others and making new friends.
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    crochet, knitting, clays, beading, ATC's, inchies, etc :)
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    full-time working mum
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  1. That is so good being with no pattern!!
  2. I love the colors, so very pretty!
  3. :welcomeI'm from Pa too. Hope you'll enjoy your stay!
  4. Those are soooo pretty!! I really like how you made the first one. I've never made an afghan with 2 different sized squares. Great work!!
  5. pocket prayer cloth maybe. The pillow is a good idea though.
  6. I really like those. I'm currently using up a bunch of cotton yarns now and making them into dishcloths
  7. I'm probably late with this but I'd be posting for my own tally. I've been doing a lot of crocheting lately using up a lot of balls and skeins for a charity group I am in. Should I save my total for next saturday?
  8. So very pretty!! Thank you so much for sharing this!
  9. I've been thinking about my stash busting and have been making 6" squares like crazy, lol. I still have to take time to figure out the score I have LOL. But it's been a lot of fun using p my yarn....finally:hook Also in my yarn ball pile I came across 2 magic yarn balls I had forgotten about LOL.
  10. :hookSo cool. I'm guilty of yarn bombing lol.
  11. :cheerI finished my knit shall!! Good thing it's finally done with, the bad thing, I wish i would have had more yarn to make it bigger, lol. I can still use it, I just need to make one of those shall pins, lol. Now to look for more WIP's:hook Hope everyone is having a good evening! Patti
  12. I'm working on a drop stitch knit scarf....sofar so good, it's a whole skein. Thank goodness it's a small one, but then knitting takes forever lol.
  13. Please include me in on this. I came across a knitted shawl (my first) that I completely forgot about and I think I was making it as a gift LOL. I want to nip this project in the bumLOL and have it completed by the end of this month. :hookThen try to figure out why I even started it. Ha ha, this should be a test on my memory.
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