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  1. That's one of my favorite lines in the whole movie! I had to laugh when I heard it.
  2. I started knitting last month for the first time since I finished a scarf when I was eight. I finished my first pair of socks(using four double pointed needles)a few weeks ago and I'm SO excited Right now I'm working on my second pair for my sister. I never knew knitting could be so much fun!
  3. Hi everyone! Does anyone know of a pattern that looks like or closely resembles this: http://www.costumersguide.com/eowyn/green_closeup.jpg I would try to make that belt for a summer project. If someone could point me to a pattern, I'd be extremely grateful! Thank you!
  4. Congrats Nicole!!! It's a BEAUTIFUL bag!! I love the green on it!!
  5. It's beautiful!! The colors are lovely, a totally spring bag!! :hearts
  6. I'm almost done with my new tote design! I'll post a picture when I get it done. I HAVE to get the Stash Buster tote pattern!!! I'm loving all the bags on here! Beautiful work! @Judianne, I can't wait to see it!! @Tam, I hope you feel better quick!
  7. I've decided on two cross bookmarks, with pearl beads about the tassel!
  8. I'm joining! I have an idea for a tote, but I don't know what colors I'll be using yet. Probably just an extra skein that's taking up to much space!
  9. Thanks so much Momcrochets, and Peggy! Those are awesome ideas! I don't know what I would do without you guys(ladies).
  10. My parents 30th anniversary is coming up, like, next week, and I really want to crochet them something special. Does anyone have any ideas. I'm sure they'll love anything I make them but..I need help! Thanks1 ~CJ
  11. Congrats Joanne!!! You deserve it!! It's a beautiful bag!! As all of them are!
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