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    Crocheting, figure skating, writing, reading, running...
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    Christ follower, Crochet Enthusiast, Figure Skater
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    umm, not really sure, maybe about 4-5 years
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  1. crocheter4jesus

    The Hobbit

    That's one of my favorite lines in the whole movie! I had to laugh when I heard it.
  2. crocheter4jesus

    What's on your needles right now?

    I started knitting last month for the first time since I finished a scarf when I was eight. I finished my first pair of socks(using four double pointed needles)a few weeks ago and I'm SO excited Right now I'm working on my second pair for my sister. I never knew knitting could be so much fun!
  3. crocheter4jesus

    Join the Crochet Games of Ancient Greece

    I'm going to try the Celtic Knot Shawl found on Ravelry. (AH!) It's going to be a challenge because I've never followed a filet crochet pattern before.
  4. crocheter4jesus

    C’Ville June 2012 Tote

    It's beautiful as always!!
  5. crocheter4jesus

    Seeking motif pattern for belt...

    Hi everyone! Does anyone know of a pattern that looks like or closely resembles this: http://www.costumersguide.com/eowyn/green_closeup.jpg I would try to make that belt for a summer project. If someone could point me to a pattern, I'd be extremely grateful! Thank you!
  6. crocheter4jesus

    C’Ville June 2011 Tote

    Congrats Nicole!!! It's a BEAUTIFUL bag!! I love the green on it!!
  7. crocheter4jesus

    C’Ville May 2011 Tote

    It's beautiful!! The colors are lovely, a totally spring bag!! :hearts
  8. crocheter4jesus

    crochet tote addicts CAL

    Judy, I love the colors! Great job!
  9. crocheter4jesus

    crochet tote addicts CAL

    It's beautiful! I love the colors!
  10. crocheter4jesus

    crochet tote addicts CAL

    I'm almost done with my new tote design! I'll post a picture when I get it done. I HAVE to get the Stash Buster tote pattern!!! I'm loving all the bags on here! Beautiful work! @Judianne, I can't wait to see it!! @Tam, I hope you feel better quick!
  11. crocheter4jesus

    My parents anniversary is coming up!

    I've decided on two cross bookmarks, with pearl beads about the tassel!
  12. crocheter4jesus

    For those of you who have blogs . . .

    So do I, and I love it!
  13. crocheter4jesus

    crochet tote addicts CAL

    I'm joining! I have an idea for a tote, but I don't know what colors I'll be using yet. Probably just an extra skein that's taking up to much space!
  14. crocheter4jesus

    My parents anniversary is coming up!

    Thanks so much Momcrochets, and Peggy! Those are awesome ideas! I don't know what I would do without you guys(ladies).