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    Crocheting, Sock Monkeys, Photography, Reading, Music
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    waffle weave blankets
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  1. WVUAlesha

    C’Ville December 2011 Tote

    gorgeous as usual!
  2. WVUAlesha

    Baby 1st Christmas Ornament WINNER ANNOUNCED!!

    oh this is awesome! I have 2 new babies in my family this year.
  3. WVUAlesha

    Cuddly Duck Amigurumi Pattern

    so cute!
  4. WVUAlesha

    Pattern is available for Mummy

    so cute Alisha!
  5. WVUAlesha

    small autumn doily

    so pretty
  6. WVUAlesha

    1 x-mas ornament from each state

    I could do Maryland. Let me know - and message me your address if you need me. Thanks
  7. WVUAlesha

    Does this look familiar to you?

    that's really pretty
  8. WVUAlesha

    Granny Star and Bubble Blankies

    Beautiful! Where can I find the granny star pattern?
  9. WVUAlesha

    Tote for a friend

    awesome as usual!
  10. WVUAlesha

    Bumble bee

  11. WVUAlesha

    Butterfly Fabric Purse

    love it!
  12. WVUAlesha

    Carlinda's Granny Square RR Tested

    wow that's beautiful. I'd love to try something like that.
  13. WVUAlesha

    Friendship-ghan Square CAL...UPDATED IN POST 1

    Thank you Smith for my beautiful square! Sorry I haven't been around much!