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  1. I always make more than required to avoid this. The leftovers are easy to untie afterwards.
  2. You did (or should have done) a hdc in the last chain of row 1. Thats the hdc to put the 2 dc in. Hope it helps.
  3. No, that's not the one. See my comments above.
  4. Neither the Lobster cord or the Romanian cord have a twist. The one I'm looking for has kind if a line of stitches on top of the base that spirals along the cord. Oohh it's hard to explain this 🤣
  5. Hi. I've seen a tutorial somewhere on a twisted, very thin, twisted I-cord. It wasn't made the usual way,and it was like a twisted row of stitches on the surface of the cord. Does anyone understand what I mean?
  6. When I think it look weird I just do as they say. It will probably explain itself on the following rows.
  7. Flia

    Crochet software

    Thanks. I found one of them is for crochet, and I'll have a look at that one.
  8. Flia

    Crochet software

    Thanks. I found one of them is for crochet, and I'll have a look at that one.
  9. Flia

    Crochet software

    Thanks. Yes I have but it doesn't allow me to go outside the box with stitches.
  10. Flia

    Crochet software

    Hi, All the posts about charting software are pretty old, and some of the links are invalid. I'm looking for a charting software. Also, I'm looking for a really good ttf file for the crochet signs. I've tried some free software, but they don't allow you to digress from the common ways to do things. I want to go wild, but not having to photoshop crochet signs.
  11. I would dampen a towel, lay it over the piece, and then turn it into a big roll
  12. It's a very instructive pattern. Just read and do exactly as instructed. The turning has to be learned, but once that's done everything else seems fairly straight forward.
  13. I always rewrite patterns like this before I start. Like this: Ch 4, join with slip st to form ring. Rnd1 Ch3, 4 dc in ring, (ch3 ,5dc in ring) 3 times, This I sometimes write out three times instead: ch3 ,5dc in ring, ch3 ,5dc in ring, ch3 ,5dc in ring ch 3, join with slip st to top of beg ch-3. Rnd 2 Ch 2, (yo, insert hook in next dc, yo and pull up a loop, yo and pull through 2 loops) 4 times, yo and pull through all 5 loops on hook (dec made) this is a decrease. 4 stitches together and it seems to be 4 dc together as far as I can see. Just follow through and you'll
  14. In patterns with different sizes I usually rewrite the pattern with only the directions I need for the size I'm making. That minimizes the risk for making errors in number of stitches.
  15. I usually rewrite patterns like this. Ch-5sp (or whatever number) i write as "chainloop" and I write a new row for every task. That makes it much easier to follow.
  16. To us that like to crochet small it sounds normal, but if you're not used to tiny thread it might be a question of having to practice before making the actual banner.
  17. The top of the ch3 from the previous row is the one you do the sc2tog in. As for starting chains, I always chain about 5+10 extra. When you've come a few rows along it's easy to unknot the ones you didn't use.
  18. This is so awesome! I use a couple of different programs to make patterns but none of them does 3d. Thanks so much for sharing. Is there a newsletter signup anywhere?
  19. So she's selling a page from a calendar? That's allowed.
  20. As long as there's on infection you could go to a physio therapist and learn how to stretch those muscles.I often get shoulder and neck pain from crocheting but stretching relieves my pain. Bigger and softer hook handles can also help.
  21. Buttercupminiatures.co.uk has them.
  22. http://crochethealingandraymond.wordpress.com/2010/10/29/ornamental-pot-holders/ Here's another link. The site isn't Swedish, it's probably Dutch.
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