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  1. That's one of my favorite lines in the whole movie! I had to laugh when I heard it.
  2. I started knitting last month for the first time since I finished a scarf when I was eight. I finished my first pair of socks(using four double pointed needles)a few weeks ago and I'm SO excited Right now I'm working on my second pair for my sister. I never knew knitting could be so much fun!
  3. Hi everyone! Does anyone know of a pattern that looks like or closely resembles this: http://www.costumersguide.com/eowyn/green_closeup.jpg I would try to make that belt for a summer project. If someone could point me to a pattern, I'd be extremely grateful! Thank you!
  4. Congrats Nicole!!! It's a BEAUTIFUL bag!! I love the green on it!!
  5. It's beautiful!! The colors are lovely, a totally spring bag!! :hearts
  6. I'm almost done with my new tote design! I'll post a picture when I get it done. I HAVE to get the Stash Buster tote pattern!!! I'm loving all the bags on here! Beautiful work! @Judianne, I can't wait to see it!! @Tam, I hope you feel better quick!
  7. I've decided on two cross bookmarks, with pearl beads about the tassel!
  8. I'm joining! I have an idea for a tote, but I don't know what colors I'll be using yet. Probably just an extra skein that's taking up to much space!
  9. Thanks so much Momcrochets, and Peggy! Those are awesome ideas! I don't know what I would do without you guys(ladies).
  10. My parents 30th anniversary is coming up, like, next week, and I really want to crochet them something special. Does anyone have any ideas. I'm sure they'll love anything I make them but..I need help! Thanks1 ~CJ
  11. Congrats Joanne!!! You deserve it!! It's a beautiful bag!! As all of them are!
  12. Thank you so much Jessica and Momcrochets! I actually don't have to start until the 16th, which is a big relief, so I have more time. I'm beginning to think that I may just be helping and coaching more than TEACHING, because at least all of the people who will be coming know at least how to chain. I really wish I could control how many people are i my classes, but it's open to all the homeschool families in our group, and a lot of people are coming. :S There will be two other girls coming who already know quite a bit, and who I will probably just be crocheting with, or teaching some new stitches, so they will be able to help me. Thank you both so much again!
  13. Thank you so much!! I actually WILL be teaching for sure, starting Feb. 2nd! I'm getting really nervous....I have two weeks of schedule written out. I know it seems a bit much to pack into two weeks, but I only three weeks, four at the most. They will have a week in between each class to practice as well: Week One (Febuary 2) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Class: teach chain stitch, single cochet, and double crochet, and how to read pattern abbreviations. Homework: make single crochet and double crochet swatches, and scarf. Week Two (Febuary 16) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Class: review double crochet, and teach granny square Homework: make one or two granny squares What do you think? Thank you!!
  14. Morning Everyone! Uhhhhh, let's see. For school I do Handwriting, Math, a grammar/vocab. book, and science. I'm not sure what I'll be crocheting. Yesterday I finished two hair clips for a friend. They are so cute. I'll try to get a few pics of them today. LovinThis32, All your projects are beautiful! I love your hats, they're so cute! And that dress! Joanne, I hope you have a great weekend! Judy, I hope the appointment goes well today! Stay safe!! Well, I 'd better be off! See you all later!
  15. I love your square, and your blanket! All those bright colors!
  16. Those sound really comfy! Do you have a pattern that you followed? Welcome to this CAL! Night Judy!
  17. Aww, German Shepherds are so pretty. They're my little brother's favorite dog. I'm sorry to hear about Susie!
  18. Morning everybody! Or, Afternoon... Dusti! Well, I have about 3 current projects right now. But my main one is a crocheted doll. Judy, what kind of dog is Sparkie? Marisa! Good to see you again!! Well, schools all done for today! Yay! It went pretty quick this morning. I'd better go, but I'll be back!
  19. Yes, I did! We do have snow! I think it might be snowing this moment as a matter of fact. We also have some hills in our backyard that we go sledding on. It's nice to be back! I did have TONS of fun! We saw all my grandparents, and other family and friends over the holidays. Judy, your baby blanket sounds so cute! It could by fine just to lay over the baby in the car...I don't really know. I was only 4 when my youngest brother was born, so I forget a lot of baby stuff... Well, goodnight everyone!
  20. Hi Julie! School is going pretty good. My family has just started up again. We don't get much done over Christmas and New Years...
  21. Hi everyone!! Wow, I haven't been in here in AWHILE! I'm going to start work on two crocheted dolls pretty soon, and a few more projects for friends. I gotta run now, see you all later! :hugs
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