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  1. Beautiful! Both the story and the blanket.
  2. aseknc


    Hi Tricia! And welcome!
  3. I'm crocheting a Hello Kitty scarf for one of my nieces, knitting a dishcloth for my own kitchen, and knitting a neck gaiter for my husband.
  4. Oh! I am so glad you decided not to frog it, but to add on in a different color...it turned out beautifully!
  5. Ice Storms and Crochet (and I found a gem of a blog!) http://aseknc.blogspot.com/2015/02/ice-storms-and-crochet.html
  6. aseknc


    Hi there and welcome! I'd rather gift too....and will also be blessed with my frst grandbaby this year!
  7. Nice! Thank you for sharing the link to the pattern.
  8. A Pencil Cup Cozy To Make a Friend Smile (and Valentine's Wishes)
  9. Very nice! I have been thinking about crocheting some valances.
  10. Hi Jamie! Amigurumi can sure hook ya, huh? Welcome aboard!
  11. Welcome Nanna Crystal! I hope someone can share a tip on how to get rid of the little tag ends on the blanket you've already gotten finished.
  12. Hi Donna! Welcome! So, did you find the answer you were looking for???
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