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  1. I love your patterns! My granddaughter is always happy to get a new outfit for her doll.
  2. I just got one off yardsellr.com last week for $1.80 using the free credits I earn. These outfits are so adorable!
  3. I am right handed in everything I do....my grandpa, mom and son are all lefties. I hated the fact that the teachers would try and force the lefties in my class growing up to use their right hands. I never thought that was fair.
  4. That is totally AWESOME!! It looks very complicated. I'm afraid to give it a try...a friend wants me to make one for him of the Steelers.
  5. You have done it again! This is so pretty! I can't wait to get started on making some of these wonderful doll clothes for my granddaughters!
  6. All of your patterns are adorable! Thanks for sharing!
  7. whereabouts??? We lived IN the swamp for 4 years and planning on moving back to the area soon. DARSKI....this is another AWESOME pattern!! Definitely one for my granddaughters that live only 12 miles from the university!!
  8. 3 days ago the salvation army store had 3 Dora dolls....today they were gone! I'll keep looking until I find one that I can add in the grandkids toybox and make up some of these adorable outfits for my granddaughters to play with.
  9. I just hope I live long enough to make all of these wonderful outfits for my granddaughters!
  10. Saw a couple Dora dolls at the salvation army store the other day. I knew I should have picked one up!
  11. My hubby was in the navy...perfect set for Dora!
  12. Wow again! I'm going to be busy making a complete wardrobe for my granddaughter's dolls! Thank you so much for sharing these!
  13. Love this set! I had very straight hair when I was younger...my mom would set it in curlers on Saturday night for church the next day and for almost all of my school pics. After moving from the country back into the city, my hair got frizzy and now I can't get rid of the curls! (no more curlers needed for me! LOL) and I had a pink baby doll set that I loved wearing in the summer time!
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