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Hi every one I would like to do a comfortghan for one of our very special members (can't say who) but if you PM me or Tampa Doll we will let you know who its for. I will be asking for 8 inch squares in Happy colors blue red yellow what ever you got any type is fine but please do worsted weight I will include my address to minimize pm's and those that want to send one the information will be here for you. I will be in and out most of the day today but will check back in this afternoon when I get home THANK YOU all in advance for helping out if you can. I know this will brighten her day

my address is

Dawn Herron

3367 E. Evans Dr

Phoenix AZ 85032

Lets wrap her in a big :ghug from all of us.

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I will give it a go. :hook


Any hints as to what type of square? Flowery, geometrical, simple? I think I know who this is for but I do not know this persons preferences.


Off to research-

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Thank You all so much for offering to help me make this for her. I know it will be a blessing for her. I have a few squares made already and will just keep making a few more. I know this will mean so much to her It means so much to me that we can all come together to help one another I just don't know how to Thank You all enough.

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