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    married 30 years, 2 grown children, 1 cat
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    stamping, crocheting, really just about any kind of craft
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    I love afghans, baby items
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    I've been crocheting since 6th grade, so it's been a long time.
  1. Thanks Cherri. After reading your explanation and looking closely at the pic in your blog I see how it makes sense. You're a sweetheart for helping out those of us in need!
  2. Congrats Cherri. You do so much for everyone. Thanks for the welcome here and thanks Ann for the info and address. Cherri, I was looking at your blog and saw you did that Mile-A-Minute scarf in the dark colors. I just "tried" that pattern and was having a heck of a time with the end. I like how the pattern says "easy" and I didn't find it easy at all, did you?? Did you find the pattern confusing or was it just me. haha probably me since it took me forever to learn Krystal's daisy square. I just don't understand the end with all the 2 tr, ch 3, 2 tr. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Hi Ann, I would love to help make scarves. Sending you a PM to get your address.
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