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  1. Yup, she sure did send the postcard. I got it yesterday... Guess you missed my post.
  2. I also received a post card from Ankh today with a recipe for Chesapeake Bay Crab Soup. Thank you so much! I love crab soup... It's been a long time since I've had it so I'll have to get the ingredients soon!
  3. My package is here!! Ankh did a great job putting it all together and I love it! Here is a list of everything: 2 skeins impeccable yarn in lavender 2 balls of light blue cotton 4 fruit crocheted coasters 1 washcloth 1 crocheted owl magnet 1 package of owl buttons 2 bookmarks 1 star cookie cutter Fortune cookie fortune 2 brochures- one for the imax theatre and one for the national postal museum 3 swizzle sticks Pattern for "May flowers hot pad & coaster set" A recipe for strawberry lemonade A Chinese coin Paper fan decoration (clever!) 1 package of black and silver beads 1 package of stamp markers Bubble wand Playdough set My son was excited to see the items for him. He couldn't wait to play with it. LOL Thank you for everything! It's all great. Your package will go out by the end of the week.
  4. Here is a pic of the overgrown lilacs in our back yard.
  5. I was surprised when hobby lobby didn't have them, but party stores typically do.
  6. I'm pretty happy. I found several things I needed while shopping yesterday, and I'm coming along on a project I started for my partner. One of the items wasn't as easy to find as I thought it would be, but I did at one store.
  7. My schedule was really crazy Sunday... Went into work early and left much later than expected. This picture is from Monday, but it was the best I could do. The little black blob is the only bird in sight! LOL
  8. Got my partner... Hello Ankh! Looking forward to getting to know you and hunting for items for this swap. I'll email you in a bit.
  9. Hi ladies! Sorry to keep you all waiting with this thread and waiting for thank yous! I truly appreciate everything that was sent me and the wonderful angels that filled in. I just love it all and cannot wait for the opportunity to use everything! I just have a few more weeks until this semester ends.This has been me ----> This is what I received from my wonderful angels! Angel One: Clay ruler and eraser clay Yarn (soft and pretty Loops & Threads yarn called Charisma) Notions (hook-minders) D hook with clay handle I hook with clay handle Crafts (sun catcher kits) My son LOVES crafts and he really wants to make them. Owl notepad Magnet (crab, so adorable-I grew up in Maryland, so I love it. Beads (handmade) for stitch markers and a crocheted bowl to hold them in Stickers for school Angel Two: Cute bird soap dish and towel- I just love, love this bird soap dish! Celestial Seasonings tea Chicken Soup for the Soul- clever, I wouldn’t have thought of it! LOL Crayons Craft ribbon Candles Carabiner clips Craft stickers Cutting utensils (scissors) Cork Crochet stitch book Crochet hooks with Clay handles Crochet garment labels Card Cotton yarn Craft mat for glitter- so cool Cute manicure kit Thank you so much ladies! I love the hooks and have tried them and they are so comfortable!
  10. Thanks ladies! I was having swapper's block. It's like those times where you can't find your keys and you look and look... then finally you ask someone if they've seen them, only to reach into your pocket as you utter the words and find them! LOL Your suggestions are helpful and I talked to my partner and got some more good ideas. Thanks again!
  11. Hi everyone.. I am coming along okay with this swap, but I am a little stuck I suppose. Does anyone have any ideas for the letter G? I don't know why I am having trouble this time. A lot of what I have thought of is food related. LOL
  12. Hi Grammy Roberts! How have you been? Time to start brainstorming... things that start with g.
  13. As soon as dinner is done, I will submit mine! I haven't participated in a swap in a while and I had a lot of fun with this last year.
  14. Awww. Our mailman, UPS man, etc.. all just throw our stuff on the porch without knocking or anything to let us know. I came home one day and my college textbooks were sitting on my front porch, on display. Another time, my mother looked outside on the porch and an envelope from UPS was torn almost completely open on one end.. what a miracle it had made it here. I guess sometimes it's a good thing in a way, if they don't just leave it. LOL Our old mailman would at least try to put things to the side to hide it from plain view...
  15. It's here! I got my package from Minx! She sent me a wonderful box of goodies... first thing my son said when I opened the box: "Colorful fish, for me???" LOL He just assumes that they must be his if they're Goldfish crackers.. which of course, he had to eat some right away. I also got some light blue RHSS, a really cool crochet stitch & pattern book (already have a pattern picked out), crochet hooks, and a beautiful cross stitch kit- it's like 4 kits in one.. I am not sure if I will do them seperately or as one big picture. I love everything Lisa, thank you so much. I will post a picture tonight. Yours should be delivered tomorrow. Thanks again!
  16. I started to crochet a little item and I just couldn't get into it.. didn't like how it was turning out. And, I have everything together, except the carryall. I gotta get in gear with that one! LOL
  17. Overboard is my middle name... when I am inspired. I am still using my beehive cozy. It's so adorable!
  18. I made some progress today! I also need to figure out a kaboodle, but I have a few ideas.
  19. Glad you like your package Patty! I did forget to say two things.. I used the newspaper shreds for the Maryland basket, because in Maryland we lay down newspaper when we pick crabs, so I thought it would be appropriate. Also, the blue crab is the Maryland state crustacean. LOL When they are cooked they turn red (hence the happy blue crab and the disgruntled red crab). I hope you enjoy your crab dip-it's one of my favorite recipes. Also, here is a link to the Old Bay website, with a video on how to pick crabs. I never thought about it before, because it's so second nature, but not everyone automatically knows how to do this. One of those things I have always taken for granted. http://www.oldbay.com/Videos/Pick-a-Blue-Crab.aspx
  20. I made some stitch markers for a friend recently. The beads definitely look prettier in person, but I more than anything wanted to show you guys the cheeseburger and french fries stitch markers.
  21. Going shopping this weekend! Just love this swap. It really is so much fun! :cheerI am trying to decide whether I will buy or make a "kaboodle."
  22. Now the nail biting begins! DesertCrocheter's package is in the mail.
  23. First, of course, the pattern has to be available for purchase on Ravelry. If you look to the right on the pattern page, you will see the price. To the right of that in that little box you will see a little giftbox with the words "send as gift." Click on that. You need to know the person's Ravelry name or email address. You can then proceed checking out. Also, make sure to double check with the wishlist coordinator that the pattern hasn't already been granted by someone else.
  24. I sure will Patty! Thanks again. Here is a picture of the cookies I made from the mix you sent. They are really delicious!
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