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    Mother of 2, grandmother of 1, furple mother of 3 dogs and 1 porch kitty
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    Mountains of NE Alabama
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    reading, crocheting (favorite), knitting, quilting, machine embroidery, gardening
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    Baby afghans, RR, fingerless gloves with matching hats and scarves, towel toppers, slippers, nothing thread, my hands can't handle the small needles
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  1. Very nice. Hmmmm...no, don't need 'nother project *LOL*
  2. Hi everyone! I sure have missed you all sooooooo much!!! I'm not even going to try to catch up on all the posts, just know you all have my love, hugs, prayers and anything else you may need. Life and work have been a bear and add in connection problems and trying hard not to go over 5GB a month so I don't get charged $10 per gig extra, well, that's just no fun at all!!! Will be checking in on Sundays or Saturdays from now on. I just can't go without my Ville time :-)
  3. Just trying to get online long enough to let you all know I'm thinking about all of you! I've lost connection 4 times since logging on but wanted to say STAY SAFE everyone in the NE and my prayers are with everyone on the east coast. Been there, done that, hurricanes are not fun! Love and Hugs!
  4. Morning all! Quick update before I head off to the Mama's to sit with her for a while. When I get home, will be making some muscadine jelly YAY! Eye surgeon said my right eye is back to 20/30 and the left is still at 20/70 and retina is still detached a bit. Because it has stabilized and he doesn't see any new scarring, he doesn't think surgery is warranted. However, because of the damage to the eye, a cataract is forming that will have to be dealt with at some point. He's afraid surgery for that may cause more problems with the retina. It's a wait and see situation. Mary, love t
  5. Morning all! It's another nice, cool morning here in the mountains. To bad it's going away! Since I had appts. all day today, was going to sleep in. THAT didn't happen as a wild and crazy fur child jumped on my bed and pushed covers and pillows away from me and licked my face and lay down on me *LOL* She had just come in from outside, and of course was wet. So, got up, worked one hour, took my shower, got dressed and need to brush teeth and I'm ready for the day. Will go to neighbors at 9:30, she's going with me because I had trouble seeing to drive home last time, and get the day
  6. Afternoon all! Long day at work and then nap and now trying to catch up with my Ville friends Wrennie, I'm sure the memorial was very special with the music and the words spoken by friends. Sometimes, those are the best and I'm sure it's the way it was meant to be. Judy, my Lady Jane is terribly afraid of thunder. She cowers and shakes and just hates it. None of my girls will go out when it's raining, they wait. The big boy, Rio, goes out when he has to go, he could care less about thunder or rain He's such a big, gentle, bear of a dog and so laid back. LOVE the photo of ms
  7. Love it! I've made many of those bibbs!!!
  8. Great idea! Should do one with an elephant too and have the trunk holding the pacifier.
  9. AWWWWWWWW!!! And the hat is adorable too You do such nice work.
  10. Gorgeous! Baby will be wrapped in warmth and love.
  11. dobermama


    Very nice, good job
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