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  1. I didn't make all of them myself. I haven't made any since February. I usually do it in spurts. Ann, the package went out today.. had car troubles yesterday, but luckily my husband fixed it quickly.
  2. Gee whiz, I said I was sending scarves, what? 5 months ago? I am such a slacker! The scarves are boxed up and ready to go for tomorrow's mail. I forgot to count, but I think there are at least 20, some from almoreland too. Plus, a lapsquare and a few wrist bands.
  3. Hi Ann! Still have the scarves coming soon... I have most of them boxed up, a few that need ends woven in, and I think my mother is throwing a few in the pot. Hopefully I will send them this weekend.
  4. Yes, thank goodness. Thank you for your input. Normally I wouldn't make them that small. I'm still on a scarf making spree, so when I get tired of making them I will send them your way.
  5. Oh no! Take care of yourself Ann! :hug:hug I do have one little question. I made a scarf out of two small skeins of a baby boucle yarn. It would fit a small child, it's only 48" long, because that is as far as the yarn took me. It is really cuddly, but not sure if it is long enough for your charity?
  6. My mother and I are putting together a box to send, since it's been so long since we have... I have a good few scarves that I received from wishes from other groups, plus I've been making them a lot recently. I hope everyone had a good New Year's!
  7. If it is something that can be easily frogged and not boucle that is easily tangled I just start with my best guess and tear it out if I am wrong until I get the right size... when it looks right. Actually, my mother just finished a scarf I started. It was worked in short rows and I am right handed and she is left handed! She just used one size smaller and it turned out great.
  8. I have some scarves to go out to you, some I received for a wish and one I made. Hopefully I can send them by this weekend, it's been a while since I have sent anything.
  9. Hi Ann! So far I know that there are about 31 scarves coming your way from the Galore challenge. I'm not sure if there will be more or not, but that should help. ~Cyndi~
  10. It's good to hear from you too! I've been out of the loop for a while. Thanks for the info.
  11. I don't keep up with the thread as much as I'd like, so I am going to go ahead and ask.. do you want that one specific wrist band pattern for the wrist bands or can we use any pattern? Either way is fine. I am going to work on getting some lapsquares done. I have some 12" squares that I can use. So when I get them together I will let you know!
  12. These are really pretty slippers! I am going to go make some of these.
  13. I made this tree skirt for a friend of mine. I used Red Heart Plush yarn and it fits a 3' tree. I thought it just needed a little 'something' so I added the jingle bells. (clickable)
  14. Thank you times one billion for this pattern!!!! I am making it for a friend! Oops... didn't realize this thread was more than a pattern.. LOL I was referring to the tree skirt!
  15. *Gasp* Don't say that! Wal-Mart here has half of its yarn on clearance. No wonder they weren't getting my favorite yarn in. I would think that in a small town they would know better than to do that! I hope they are just getting new stuff here :sweatI guess otherwise I will have to shop at Craftsetc.com more often, but won't be able to buy little by little ~Cyndi~
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