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  1. I made some stitch markers for a friend recently. The beads definitely look prettier in person, but I more than anything wanted to show you guys the cheeseburger and french fries stitch markers.
  2. Thanks! It's hard to judge size sometimes, for me anyway, when looking at pictures of doilies. I thought it was bigger, but the size it worked up to is great!
  3. My husband doesn't really mind, unless I spend $100 at a time on yarn. Also, he has been known to say that I was "playing with my yarn" rather than spending alone time with him. As long as I make time for us and don't put off making dinner til nearly bedtime, because I am eager to finish a project, he is perfectly happy. Besides, he is always playing his computer games. I told him once, "At least when I spend hours and hours doing this, I have something to show for it!" LOL
  4. When I had my son a little over 4 years ago, I began to suffer from postpartum depression (for quite a while actually).. not to mention an identity crisis. I really felt like I didn't know who I was, other than the mother of a newborn. Crocheting became my one solice. I started to gain confidence and I tried my hand at "designing." Nothing fancy, but it made me feel good. I crocheted quite a bit in the first 2 years especially. I had learned to crochet when I was 8, but I was very impatient and got frustrated too easily. But when I had my son, I needed it and I really applied myself. The firs
  5. It is cool though that they are going to choose another charity to support.
  6. That's really beautiful! I was wondering what size it worked up to?
  7. A lot of times I will "watch" reruns of shows that I haven't seen in a while, but know what's going on so I don't have to look up a lot... usually on the DVR, but usually it's documentaries, etc on the Science channel and others. Also, something that helps me get through boring housework and boring parts of projects... I will do a certain number of rows and then do a certain amount of cleaning, switching back and forth. The boring crochet becomes more of a mindless relaxation compared to the other chores I am doing.
  8. Believe me, if you smelled that "lavender" scented yarn she's talking about, you'd know why. LOL I think it is a Friend's reference though.
  9. Really cool! It's amazing how different this pattern looks with different colors.
  10. I personally wouldn't wash it before giving it unless it is actually dirty... practically every yarn looks a little worn after being washed even the first time. If you must, just wash it on gentle without using too much soap. Be careful to not overdry it. I would fold it and let it air dry it for a while, followed by a little bit of time in the dryer to fluff it back up and dry it the rest of the way. If you dry it on too high of a heat, you will kill the yarn. I do like the idea of giving the care instructions. I don't normally think about that, that someone might not know how to properly
  11. If I had a 50 room mansion, you bet one of the rooms would look just like this! I can't help but halfway like it. LOL
  12. I love it! I love unique designs with that color.
  13. That turned out wonderful! I really like it and it's very clever.
  14. The cable owl has been popular in the knitting world for a long time. It is very pretty and it's really nice that people have converted it to crochet. Here is a pattern for fingerless gloves on Ravelry.. it's a free download. http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/owl-mitts-2
  15. Great pictures! I am ashamed to say that my box of toys is sitting in the corner of my diningroom, boxed, addressed, the nine yards... Here's to next year. Is it okay to send toys early? I don't want to bombard you with boxes too early. LOL I for one know that sometimes it is hard to find places to store things.
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