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  1. I'm a hooker got yarn I crochet so I don't kill people hand over the yarn and no one gets hurt she who dies with the most yarn wins will work for yarn
  2. Finished another RR this is an 8 point in Red Heart baby pink and Bernat 4 yarn in floral ombre. My candle lady is expecting her second daughter so I told her I would make her an afghan and booties and hat I still need to get the booties and hat done but here is her afghan
  3. thanks ladies and Gene, I don't usually do scrap afghans but I figured why not. Its going to Project Linus
  4. Beautiful rr's Gene and Lynne I have yet to make a 9 point may have to be next in line
  5. just finished this one for project linus I used a size H hook and Bernat 4 yarn in Burnt Orange and Grey Oxford
  6. just finished this one its a 12 point rr in Christmas color with metallic thread going through it
  7. Judy, I will probably use 2 or 3 different versions. I have some red heart Holiday yarn in Red/red white with silver and green/green metallic option 2 is red white green with silver metallic and option 3 is a burgundy aran and hunter green with gold metallic thread in it
  8. my latest 2 rr's my next one will be in Red/White/Green for Christmas
  9. I will be 34 this year and have crocheted for around 14-15 years
  10. I can not use any type of wool or wool blend yarn with out breaking out in hives and itchies which stinks cause they have some beautiful colors
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