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  1. Very nice. Hmmmm...no, don't need 'nother project *LOL*
  2. I want to thank cshort, katyallen8090, pat54 and bgs for their squares and apologize for not letting you know that I've received them. I am finally able to start making squares for the friendship CAL. My camera is not working, so can't get photos right now, but a big THANK YOU again for the squares, they make the trying times bearable.
  3. Hi everyone! Looks like things are finally winding down at work and at home, so will be able to be online more. Have some photos of things I made that I need to get off the camera, totes, totes, totes!!! Amazing when you don't have enough time on the net for personal stuff what you can accomplish Hugs and prayers to all that need them and miss you all a LOT!!! Glad to be back among friends again.
  4. Little turtle shell, maybe, but wouldn't use little flower petal as a description
  5. Now that things have settled for me, I've sent Sue my preferences. Forgot to add would prefer solid colors vs variegated. Now to go see who needs what and get busy.
  6. Julee, I'm so proud of you! I KNEW you could do it! Congratulations!
  7. What a wonderful and generous idea. I haven't been able to be on much because of work, but I've been busy crocheting and take it with me wherever I go. Also, carry it with me in the purses I've made. Count me in! I love yarn!!! My dd calls me a hoarder, imagine that!
  8. Just a quick drop in to say hello and I've not forgotten about you. Everything is crazy here with connection problems, long work hours etc. Should be slowing down soon so I can have some personal time charged to my USB modem and not all time going to work! I do miss my Ville Friends so much! I have a LOT of catching up to do!
  9. Just a quick drop in to say hello. Everything is crazy here with connection problems, long work hours etc. Should be slowing down soon so I can have some personal time charged to my USB modem and not all work! I do miss my Ville Friends so much! I have a LOT of catching up to do!
  10. Well, did a reply to a bunch of posts and lost connection just as I hit submit reply, and lost them all So hugs and prayers for everyone. Especially those losing a pet, those having pets that are having surgery. WOOT! WOOT! WOOT for winning teams and getting crochet groove back. Will check back in soon.
  11. Hi everyone! I miss y'all soooooo much!!!! Life and work have been a bear and throw in the connection problems and the cost of internet if I go over 5mg and you have my life in a nutshell However, I will be posting at least once a week from now on. Just can't live without my Ville friends Catching up once a week will be easier than catching up all that I've missed, so just know I send love, hugs and prayers to everyong!
  12. Hi everyone! I sure have missed you all sooooooo much!!! I'm not even going to try to catch up on all the posts, just know you all have my love, hugs, prayers and anything else you may need. Life and work have been a bear and add in connection problems and trying hard not to go over 5GB a month so I don't get charged $10 per gig extra, well, that's just no fun at all!!! Will be checking in on Sundays or Saturdays from now on. I just can't go without my Ville time :-)
  13. Just trying to get online long enough to let you all know I'm thinking about all of you! I've lost connection 4 times since logging on but wanted to say STAY SAFE everyone in the NE and my prayers are with everyone on the east coast. Been there, done that, hurricanes are not fun! Love and Hugs!
  14. Just a quick hello until the connection breaks (already done it twice while I was typing) to say STAY SAFE everyone in the NE and my prayers are with everyone on the east coast. Been there, done that, hurricanes are not fun! Love and Hugs!
  15. Just a quick hello. Still having connection issues and work is a bear. Having connection issues doesn't help there either. They asked me if I could take on another job and had to tell them no, remember, I'm only part-time (doing full-time work). Glad everyone is ok from the quake. My sister in NJ was talking to my sister here when it hit and she's like what the.....Now worrying about the hurricane. Stay safe and love ya!
  16. A quick hello, having connection issues and keep losing signal Sue, that turtle is soooooooooooo darn cute! Joanne, yes, Roll Tide is for UA Alabama Crimson Tide and have now gotten an order to make another one. It was well liked :-) Speaking of, the box of goodies for the church members finally found it's way back to the church and I gave out everything. They were so appreciative and wanted to know if I was selling the stuff. Told them no, these were gifts from around the country and me to brighten their day, say thank you for their prayers and that I am blessed and it's my way of giving back along with the help of some great ladies I know So :hug to all who helped to make this a success. To everyone, sorry but the signal is getting weak again, so frustrating!
  17. Morning all! Busy day for me today, again. Going to go sit with the mama this morning and work on the Roll Tide tote to put the housewarming gift in (one of the church families who lost their home in the tornado). Then this afternoon, will be making jelly and finishing up the tote to take with me tomorrow to church. Sherrie, the boys are absolutely ADORABLE! ' Mary, Ann, Joanne, Mama K, Sister Sue and everyone else, hugs to those who need them, prayers to all that need them and everyone, have a great, great day!
  18. Morning all! Quick update before I head off to the Mama's to sit with her for a while. When I get home, will be making some muscadine jelly YAY! Eye surgeon said my right eye is back to 20/30 and the left is still at 20/70 and retina is still detached a bit. Because it has stabilized and he doesn't see any new scarring, he doesn't think surgery is warranted. However, because of the damage to the eye, a cataract is forming that will have to be dealt with at some point. He's afraid surgery for that may cause more problems with the retina. It's a wait and see situation. Mary, love the eye candy! Beautiful little guy, Gracie and love the quiltghan!! WOW! Joanne, sounds like you had good time with the family. Tam, I think swiffer covers would definitely sell. The cost is just to prohibitive for me to buy them. I have made them as gifts for kitchen swap. Judy, your girl is growing up so fast! Linda, I'll keep Rosie in my prayers. Hugs to everyone, prayers to all that need them and have a great day everyone!
  19. Morning all! It's another nice, cool morning here in the mountains. To bad it's going away! Since I had appts. all day today, was going to sleep in. THAT didn't happen as a wild and crazy fur child jumped on my bed and pushed covers and pillows away from me and licked my face and lay down on me *LOL* She had just come in from outside, and of course was wet. So, got up, worked one hour, took my shower, got dressed and need to brush teeth and I'm ready for the day. Will go to neighbors at 9:30, she's going with me because I had trouble seeing to drive home last time, and get the day started. We decided to go to lunch in between appts. Making a day of it. Cindy, I make my baby RR's anywhere from 32-48" depending on how much yarn I have and how the ghan is looking. :hug and prayers for your dad and family. Glad to hear your mom is doing better. Judy, unfortunately, Rio has grown into his parts and he's still looks funny He has these short stocky legs with feet that turn out Bassett style, a HUGE body, a tail like a husky, face/ears like a lab and the most gorgeous ice blue eyes. He has always had an old looking face (my sister says that he's what Native Americans call my warrior dog after looking deep into his eyes), she also says she thinks he's part coyote. But, he's a gentle soul. Joanne, glad you get out early today and can enjoy the weather AND you got to see Ryan yesterday WOOT . My dd is hoping her boss will let her off next week. She made the schedule to show she's off, but she won't know until today's meeting. She needs to go. Hasn't seen her son in over a year and needs to be there to see her grandson. Since she's a GM at the store, it's hard for her to take off, but I told her, it will be there when you get back! Joanne, what is a vacation? I know, it's the shutdown during Christmas where I catch up on housework and presents. I don't mind though, I'm living where I used to vacation so every day is a vacation. I do plan to go to one of the falls I haven't been to and see the Christmas displays this year. I hear they are magnificent. Linda, :hug and prayers for Rosie. Hope she gets feeling better soon. Gold fixtures are very hard to find. Good luck with that! :hug to all and prayers to those who need them and have a great day all! :bye
  20. Afternoon all! Long day at work and then nap and now trying to catch up with my Ville friends Wrennie, I'm sure the memorial was very special with the music and the words spoken by friends. Sometimes, those are the best and I'm sure it's the way it was meant to be. Judy, my Lady Jane is terribly afraid of thunder. She cowers and shakes and just hates it. None of my girls will go out when it's raining, they wait. The big boy, Rio, goes out when he has to go, he could care less about thunder or rain He's such a big, gentle, bear of a dog and so laid back. LOVE the photo of ms Lucy with her paws on the counter. My, what big ears she has! Tam, your swap box will probably go out close to date too and I'm working on things for the box for the fundraiser and craft table Hope to get everything out by end of month, waiting on boxes from PO to get here to mail a few packages out! Mary, glad you are feeling better. I don't do flu season well at all. I think last year was the first in a long time I didn't get ill. But had flu shot, pneumonia shot, and wore mask and gloves wherever I went all season long. May have to do that again this year. ICK Joanne, pedicure and massage chair, sounds like heaven to me!!! Can't wait to see the little guy in his grandma's favorite team colors Linda, glad your diet doesn't have to change much. It really is good that you already knew so much. If you're like me, you do a lot of online research on things to know where you stand and what to expect. Having meds be less than expected is always a bonus! Marlene, never fun when you can't go to sleep or wake up for nature call and your mind won't shut off and let you rest. Hopefully, things will be better all around for your family soon. Cindy, hope you're enjoying your time off. Sounds like you will have enjoyable visit again. Marisa, Kiyo, Dusti, and everyone else I've missed!
  21. Afternoon everyone! Worked long today and lay down for a while. Now, going to try to catch up on my buds here at the Ville! Mama, sis will LOVE anything you send. You are a generous, caring, giving person and don't you forget it! I love April's pattern and know you will love the outcome when it's finished. I've got a few things started for Christmas too. We'll see how it goes Ann, glad you had a nice visit where you used to work. Really nice of the boss to want you to come around more often. Also, glad the internet is working for you! Everything will be back to "normal" soon, I hope! Duckie :hug Christie, Brennan is adorable. Look at all that hair!!! I'm glad everything went well and everyone is home being loved. Tonya, glad the interview went well, sorry you haven't had any . Hope you get some this afternoon. I laughed at your "clogging up the system" with your resume. Sometimes, that's what it takes. Whatever job you get, will be the one you were meant to have and it WILL happen. Give Kendra a from me on losing Hawk. Stephanie, hope you get feeling better soon! Tam, not to worry about giving back, you already do that so much! I'm just glad I'm able to help. Just waiting on boxes to get here so I can mail out the stuff for the fundraiser and for the craft table And, you are not OLD!!! The three younger ones keep you young. Then there's me that is a great grandma at 66, now THAT'S OLD Congratulations to Patrick. They sure do seem to grow up fast. You blink and there they are. Nicole sister Sue and everyone else I missed. Trying to wing it with my messages after reading some posts.
  22. Love it! I've made many of those bibbs!!!
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