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  1. Just a quick drop in to say hello. Everything is crazy here with connection problems, long work hours etc. Should be slowing down soon so I can have some personal time charged to my USB modem and not all work! I do miss my Ville Friends so much! I have a LOT of catching up to do!
  2. Hi everyone! I sure have missed you all sooooooo much!!! I'm not even going to try to catch up on all the posts, just know you all have my love, hugs, prayers and anything else you may need. Life and work have been a bear and add in connection problems and trying hard not to go over 5GB a month so I don't get charged $10 per gig extra, well, that's just no fun at all!!! Will be checking in on Sundays or Saturdays from now on. I just can't go without my Ville time :-)
  3. Just trying to get online long enough to let you all know I'm thinking about all of you! I've lost connection 4 times since logging on but wanted to say STAY SAFE everyone in the NE and my prayers are with everyone on the east coast. Been there, done that, hurricanes are not fun! Love and Hugs!
  4. Morning all! Quick update before I head off to the Mama's to sit with her for a while. When I get home, will be making some muscadine jelly YAY! Eye surgeon said my right eye is back to 20/30 and the left is still at 20/70 and retina is still detached a bit. Because it has stabilized and he doesn't see any new scarring, he doesn't think surgery is warranted. However, because of the damage to the eye, a cataract is forming that will have to be dealt with at some point. He's afraid surgery for that may cause more problems with the retina. It's a wait and see situation. Mary, love t
  5. Morning all! It's another nice, cool morning here in the mountains. To bad it's going away! Since I had appts. all day today, was going to sleep in. THAT didn't happen as a wild and crazy fur child jumped on my bed and pushed covers and pillows away from me and licked my face and lay down on me *LOL* She had just come in from outside, and of course was wet. So, got up, worked one hour, took my shower, got dressed and need to brush teeth and I'm ready for the day. Will go to neighbors at 9:30, she's going with me because I had trouble seeing to drive home last time, and get the day
  6. Afternoon all! Long day at work and then nap and now trying to catch up with my Ville friends Wrennie, I'm sure the memorial was very special with the music and the words spoken by friends. Sometimes, those are the best and I'm sure it's the way it was meant to be. Judy, my Lady Jane is terribly afraid of thunder. She cowers and shakes and just hates it. None of my girls will go out when it's raining, they wait. The big boy, Rio, goes out when he has to go, he could care less about thunder or rain He's such a big, gentle, bear of a dog and so laid back. LOVE the photo of ms
  7. Morning everyone! Just a quick drop in before I log on to work. Joanne, you are so lucky to have Ryan close to you! I wish Jr. was closer to me. Would love to get a 5 generation photo with my mom. Well, off I go. Talk to you all later and have a great day!
  8. Evening all. One last post before I call it a night. Joanne! How's that grandbaby doing? Dusti, love the eye candy you posted. Good job! Linda, I think the uglee dolls would be great for the fundraiser, but that's just me, I love them. And, I can sympathize with your rant about the dr. visit. They over book and over charge and you feel like you're in a drive thru when they finally see you. Tab, hope your dh gets some relief soon. At least 1/26 is a cooler month to be pregnant in Cindy, sounds like you have been busy with your charitable work. I need to get some d
  9. Hi all! Sorry to be MIA, again. Chemo knocked me off my feet. But, have finally figured out this new computer and think things have calmed down a bit for me. Trying to catch up here and a couple of other threads. Baby Seth is doing great! Thank you for all your prayers. I think my dd is going to see him next week, I'm jealous. Weather had changed and I feel FALL is in the air and just around the corner!! I FALL!!!!! I have been working on swap box for my buddy and some things for Tam for her fundraiser. Waiting on boxes to get here from PO so I can send soon. Also, maki
  10. Morning all! Sorry I've been MIA, again. Have this new computer finally setup and THINK I have everything transferred over, finally. And, I'm getting used to windows 7. Baby Seth is doing good. Thank you for all your great compliments on my only grandchild and his family. Since I raised my grandson most of his life, he's like a son to me and I'm just so proud. Not going to try to catch up each and every message, but love the photos of the :dog and and Judy that afghan is AWESOME!!! Need to catch up on a couple of other threads so :hug and prayers for everyone!
  11. Now, I'll try to catch up a wee bit. Judy, love the furple photos, don't stop I love them! LeAnne, great photos and projects! Congratulations on all your good news.:cheer Joanne, sorry your team lost but glad you got in some crocheting time! Linda, great color choices for the quilt. It will be stunning. Marisa, glad you will get some vacation time, you need it with all you have going on Wrennie, :hug:hug I'm sure whatever service you have, will be what is needed and would be approved by Martan. Mary, glad your consultation went well. :yay:yay And celebratin
  12. Hi everyone. Not going to try to catch up with everyone but will be hit and miss. Baby went back to hospital today with jaundice and we have storms interrupting my connection. And because I can't help myself, here are some baby photos Baby Seth With Mama With Daddy With Big Sis
  13. A crazy week here this week. Just stopping in to say hello and that I'll catch up with you all tomorrow when I catch my breath! As of 5pm, I am a GREAT GRANDMA!!!! Jr. weighed in at 7 pounds 11 ounces.
  14. Evening house! Been trying to set up my new computer and make a tote for my kit swap partner, Tam, and just now taking some computer time to check in on everyone. Wrennie, so glad you got to hang out and have a great time with your friends. A little beer, a lot of laughter, croquet, will go a long way to a good day you so deserve. Those manly men were nice "eye candy" thank you Trish, I have my stash in clear plastic drawers. That way, I can see what I've got just not how much . Linda, you've been busy and got some good deals! Way to go! Tam, love the baby set. I'm sure
  15. Morning all! Nothing new here. Need to get myself moving around. Today will be working on making parts and pieces to put bearghan together. Joanne, I know about getting used to new things, just don't like new operating systems Going to get a phone cord and make a transfer cable to transfer all my data more easily. Either that or use a flashdrive. Grrrrr..... Mary, glad to see you! Hope things settle for you and you can visit more. I sure know about life getting in the way of visiting here. Ambi, thanks for the prayers. All are appreciated and felt. Judy, Marisa, Julie
  16. Evening everyone. Been long day. Sat with the mama and trying to get my new work laptop setup. I do NOT like having to learn a new operating system. I knew where everything was before and now they go and change it Just not nice Nothing new on the baby watch, still watching and waiting. Did have to take my youngest to dd yesterday for some cyst draining in her breast and now they want to get mammo and good imaging done on the breast. One drained clear, one had wrong color fluid and being sent to lab and other was a solid mass. So now, we wait and worry. Could use some prayers her
  17. You are loved, but you feel alone because the loss is so recent and has left an empty hole in your heart and in your world. You are still grieving and now have to deal with all of this stuff. It can be overwhelming but we are here for you to talk to when you need to. I'm sorry the reverend you wanted isn't available when you can get the field. I hope you are able to find someone who can. :hug:hug:hug:hug:hug
  18. Morning all Was up early to let neighbors dogs out before it got to hot for them to be out. DD woke up with one breast 3 time larger than the other and sore with lump. She's had to have them drained before, so knows the routine. Hard to find a dr. on Friday around here Joanne, the kids went for walk last night. Haven't heard back as to how things are going. Grandson said they had small suitcase packed. Wrennie, my youngest sister, ladyhawk, does Native American religion and ceremonies and my friend is Apache and does them also. You're right, Marton would be pleased that prayer
  19. We're on baby watch!!! Grandson's wife is starting to dilate and we know second babies come faster than first, at least that was my experience. Grandson has been texting me They saw dr. and he sent them home and said he'd see them Wednesday, I bet it will be sooner than that! Tam, that is so awesome for Patrick. I'm so happy for him. Kiyo, shhhhhh don't say that to loud, Aree might hear Joanne, I'm so happy and blessed that all the AC needed was thermostat batteries. Been nice and cool today You sure are having fun being a grandma! And, you got hooking time in while wa
  20. Morning all! is ready and waiting. Thermostat batteries fixed the AC problem, so all is well with the world Got up early to let neighbor dogs out, will go shortly to let them back in. Then work late (meeting), go to store, go let neighbors dogs out while I fix their supper, let them out again and then back home to fix suppper. Have a great day, don't work, play or whatever you have planned for the day, too hard :hug :heart
  21. all! Was going to work late but had connection issues and got frustrated and just put in my time and logged off. Thought I'd check in here before lunch and nap To everyone I haven't answered here, I didn't go back past yesterday, just to much to catch up on. But know you are in my thoughts and prayers and :hug:hug
  22. Well, had a long note all written, answered posts, getting back on the ball and POOF it was gone So :hug to all that need them, prayers for all, for those who are having physical issues, sending healing :angel and prayers your way. Jude, will be posting photos as soon as I get them out of the camera. That baby of your's is sure growing up fast! Talk to you all later!
  23. Hello all. Not going to try to respond to all the messages I missed these last few days, but will do a quick run through of things. First, last Thursday had eye surgeon appt. Was going good and he was going to prescribe the glasses. Then, he looked into my eye with his magic glass and didn't like what he saw. The pocket of blood he couldn't get to has started to create scar tissue and pull at the retina. Have to watch it closely and if any change, call immediately so it can get taken care of right away. Bummed me out. Then had chemo that afternoon and boy, did it knock me on my butt
  24. Hi all! Been a very LONG two days with doctor appts., work and chemo and work and just life in general. I'll try to catch up tomorrow, in the evening. Have to go sit with the mama and log on to work again. Just didn't want you to think I had dropped off the face of the earth! Miss you all!
  25. Morning all. DD got home really late again last night. Not sure how she does it day after day. Cindy, hugs and prayers for your dad and mom and your entire family. Hope your dad is home soon and your mom's results come in. Using those novelty yarns with another strand of something else is the ONLY way I can work with them. Don't like them at all but received some as gifts. Marisa, glad things will be easier for you at work now that all the vacations are done with. Gives you time to get things in order before your final day. Beach idea sounds like the perfect goal. Judy, g
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