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    crocheting, watching my DK's play ball, going to the beach in the summertime :)
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  1. I need to get back to flannelghan'ing too, once it cools off! this is truly one of the funnest patterns.... EVER!
  2. very nice! You won't be disappointed in the finished product! this is one of my all time favorite patterns! Have fun with it!
  3. I am lefty, unless I am teaching a right handed person to crochet. I learned "lefty" by watching opposite my right handed mother. Then, I later taught myself righty.... :think:think .. maybe I am just confused!
  4. WTG on a Gorgeous Flannelghan, LeeAnn! :clap:clap ...oh, and welcome to the "addicted to flannelghans club"
  5. :clapgreat job, Debbie!!!! I your Paddy Green in time for St. Paddy's Day!
  6. ! Are you a flannel-ghan addict???? If so, you should know that there are some very nice yarn sales this week at AC Moore and Joann's, should your stash be getting light... ..guess where I am headed in the morning?
  7. :cheer Go, Team, Go!!!:cheer I will be posting over in the games thread, too... :cloverGood luck everyone!:clover
  8. Tam!!!! your Valen-ghan is beautiful! Your DH is gonna love it!
  9. , all! ! I made it back just in time for the games! This will be fun to see what everyone does!
  10. I have my colors picked for the "games-ghan"... black and orange. they are the schools' colors. I will be donating mine to our PTO's Parents Night Out fundraiser event.
  11. He doesn't even hear me! Honestly, most of my yakking is on the phone! I am a true "girl" in that regard!
  12. My other project is coming on vacation with me, I think! It seems like a good "portable":yes
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