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  1. ... Hiyah, Besties! Just wanted to drop by and leave you a bunch o' :hug:hug:hug and let you all know I am thinking of you! Life at the chicken ranch is great, just been real busy Love you all, and I will be back to post properly later today or tomorrow (I have the day off). :flowerLand is still wonderful. I love it, truly, and now people are realizing that I am there so there are customer orders rolling in:clap I hope you all have a great day full of nothing less than splendiferousness and fun! Remember to and take your vitamins, ok? Love ya all!
  2. :good morning, all! First things first... algopurple! I truly hope that you enjoy it here. This is hands down the finest bunch of friends you would ever want to have!!!! Congratulations on your baby to be! How cute that your son thinks the baby will arrive "play ready":lol You are a lefty who crochets righty? That's pretty cool! the "Big cheese" visit went quite well on Friday. He only was displeased that my spring arrangements aren't complete. I knew it was coming, and I am totally cool with it. I have been givien extra hours this week to get them done:clap Other than that, my weekend was.... eventful. I will fill you all in later on, but right now I gotta go get ready to get myself to work... I'll be back later, in the meanwhile... know I love you guys! Have a wonderful day! :hug:hug:hug:hug:hug
  3. :morecoffee good morning, friends! Marisa- :blush ...my bad on the misread! I hope that everything works out and that you don't need the colposcopy! I have had both tests, and neither are very much fun. although i will say that the prep for a colposcopy is much more comfortable:lol Colleen - so sorry that you didn't get the job:hug. I love that you are at peace with it, tho.... Have a wonderful SAHM day! Are you going to your reunion? Stacy - so glad that you are loving all of your courses this semester! Are you planning another laundromat ghan? Perhaps Jorge could help with the laundering if he doesn't want to replace your washer? Joanne and Beth - good morning! I hope you have a great day! Mary, LeeAnn, Sarah, Shannon and Vicki - Happy Friday, friends! My chickens are on vacation next week... one last get up for them, and then it's a week off! Have a wonderful day, everyone! I gotta go get ready... going in to work at 7 today, to make sure I have everything all purty for the regional guy! that I get the essentials done before he arrives! Mr. stitchintime is doing the drop off's for me today:clap :hug:hug:hug:hug:hugall around!
  4. Hi, all! sorry I missed you for coffee yesterday... I ended up oversleeping, and was wisking myself (and these crazy chickens) right out the door! Marisa - WTG on getting knitting needles to try a sweater! I really want to learn to knit... my Aunt Sue tried to show me, but she said I do it backwards:think I will be praying that you won't be needing any colonoscopy! Joanne - Can't wait to see your patch-ghan... and if it's 12 or 9. Either way, it sounds beautiful! How is your DD feeling? Is she getting morning sickness? Stacy - Woot for Astronomy class! And glad to hear that you will be getting homework help . I hope you don't have to wait too very long for a new washer... we were without one for a couple of months, and it was the PITS! LeeAnn - WTG on getting Easter orders already! Sounds like you have yourself quite a business venture, girl! I am so very proud of you! Were you able to get your paperwork figured out? Beth - Hooray for your Valentine's yarn!!! and for it telling you already (for the most part) what it wants to be when it grows up! You just gotta love when your yarn is not shy about sharing it's feelings! What did the neighbor's meowler want this morning? I thought it was funny that he rushed you right off the computer like that! Colleen - Great to hear from you, Bestie! I am glad that you are settling in and are more relaxed about the babysitting. Be diligent about that pending job... I kept calling till i got mine:wink Hooray for the February thaw! Wow! You might see grass this weekend? How very cool! tomorrow is going to be 60F here they say... but we still have a good 2 feet on the grass. Also, a great big congrats on WW!!!!! Only 3 pounds to your goal must feel sooooo wonderful! Mary-Mary, sister Mary! It was so nice to see that red post today, and I am glad that you are well on the mend! that the weather and your arm cooperate so you can get to your painting! Sarah - Speaking of painting... did you finish? What kind of carpet are you getting? I hope it's something easy to keep and in a color that is happy:U. Have you been stitchin'? How are your 2 men doing? Shannon and Vicki - ! I am almost caught up at work. All of the racks have been sorted and organized:whew. That felt really great to finish! tomorrow we have another visit from the regional manager, who is quite partial to flowers. I hope he is pleased with how things are looking! Other than that, I have about a dozen spring arrangements to finish up tomorrow, and to decorate just my rack tops and the top of 1 shelf. Oh, and my Ashlar? It's pattern is getting a makeover! She is changing her name to "the Re-hash-lar":lol The pattern is rewritten up to row 4 so far.... i guess my mind needing some bending:devil It's a fun puzzle, and as you know, it's how I roll! That's about it from here.... I hope you all have a great evening, and a wicked awesome Friday!!!! Love & :hug:hug to you all!
  5. all! Just wanted to let you know I am thinking about ya! I will try to be by in the morning with my sleep tight!
  6. Have a wonderful day, Dear Besties!!!!! :manyheart:manyheart:manyheart
  7. Hi, all! I hope you all have a great day, filled with relaxing, and whatever makes your heart :hug:c9
  8. :cheer:clap LeeAnn!!!! You are my hero!!! I am so proud of you, girl!!!! :hug Joanne & Marisa - glad you had a fun meetup today! Beth - WTG on finishing your shawl! and :hugs to every bestie! I am thinking of you all! today was "wicked busy"! It's good that we are the fave store of most crafters and school projecters in the area! I ended up spending most of my day on register. I got just enough time at the end of the day to do a quick clean up of the flower racks and make my "hot list" for next week ! There is a woman who works only on Sundays, who I am that she will be able to help a little tomorrow. I feel like I am a bit behind the 8-ball. Maybe they will be able to let me work a little extra next week, jut to get things up to snuff The regional manager will be back next week, and he is expecting a whole list of things to be done that aren't. I hope you all have a great Sunday morning. I will check in between laundry and Ashlar-ing:wink thanks for listening, my dearest besties.... You are Da Bomb-Diggity-est-ness! Love you guys!
  9. Hi, friends! I hope you all had a great day! Joanne and Marisa - have fun tomorrow at your meetup! Joanne - Beef stew sounds yummy! I hope that you and DH had an engaging chat tonight! Marisa - that you figured out those socks... socks are on my "need to try those" list! LeeAnn - I hope your sale went well! How are the kiddos and hubby tonight? Beth - How was pizza and bowling? How are all of your inventions' dating adventures going? Stacy - I Hope that all of your schooling decisions come easy, and that you aren't working too hard! How is everyone at your place? How is Klaus? Sarah - What's new down there in Texas? Have you been doing any stitching with that stash? How are Doug and Keith? Colleen - Did those kids kidnap you in that tent? How did the last couple of days go? I hope you weren't too ! I will bet that you are thankful for the weekend! Mary - How are you doing? I hope everyone is well up in God's country, and that your wrist is getting better each day:U Shannon and Vicki - ! I hope that you stop by and let us know how you are.... we miss you, besties!!!! I spent tonight doing a jigsaw with Krissy in between the taxiing... all in all, it was a very relaxing and nice evening here! Tomorrow I get to go to Pete's last basketball game of the season. He will miss it when it's over... he really loves it! After that, it's off to work I go, with that I get done what I need to.... Saturdays are usually really busy, so we shall see! Have a nice night/morning/day, everyone! and please accept a big ole bear from Beantown!!!! Luv ya:manyheart
  10. You were right, Beth.... I needed a "lift"! Except the bras weren't enough... I got a haircut, bought some new makeup and a box of "gray eraser", some new work pants, and even got to go to lunch with my hubby! I ended up being out ALL day! It felt nice to make me feel special today... I can't remember the last time I did that! And my Ashlar is waiting for me on the couch... I will get to work on it during the Celtics/Lakers game tonight!:cheer Beth - I love the gauntlets! And your model is simply beautiful! I hope you two had a great day today! LeeAnn - :clap for Hubby picking up pizza! How's the sale going? How was everyone else's day? I can't wait to hear!!!!! :hug:hug:hug:hug
  11. :coffee Colleen - WTG on your weight loss!:cheer Keep up the good work! And best of luck today with the keeping chickens busy-ness! LeeAnn - thinking of you today.... :clover:xfin for much success! Beth - Good morning! You sound very well rested! I hope your day is wonderful! Joanne - Top o' the mornin' to you, too! Have a wonderful day in paradise! Marisa, Sarah, Stacy and Mary - ! I have the day off today, so after my chores I think I will go bra shopping... I am desperate for comfort! Other than that, not much else planned, except maybe some hooky time with a long neglected Ashlar sweater:blush make today the best day you can have! Hugs to you all!:hug:hug:hug:hug:hug
  12. Oh, yeah.... 37 days till SPRING!!!!!! :flower:dance
  13. Good afternoon, everybody!:hi Sarah - Stay warm, friend! I hope that the freeze is short lived! LeeAnn - HOLY Guacamole! that is some COLD air you guys have! It would take my breath away! I will be thinking of you tomorrow with lots of prayers and for your sale! I know you will do great! Marisa - have fun at the game tonight! What did you bring to stitch? And say to Mary, too! ....and I will be wishing for a handsome (inside and out) prince to come and find you! Beth - :clapfor you bandito bed! Tell DD TY for the compliment on the 'ghan! You are right, it's the teenagers who know what's cool! Did you get to have a relaxing day? Did you get the registration squared away? Have you been stitchin'? Stacy - Nice FG! And your bed is gorgeousness! Looks soooooo comfy! I agree with LeeAnn... I would drop the online class... like she said, life's too short to deal with cranky-pantses if you don't have to! Colleen, Mary, Joanne - How was your day? I hope it was nothing short of AWESOME!!!! I just was surprised at my door by the mother of Krissy's friend whose hat I gave the nose job to.... they brought us some homemade turkey soup as a thank you! How sweet is that? I got a chuckle when the little girl said I should go into business:lol It was nice to be able to make someone's day fer sure! That's about it for news from the chicken ranch... Have a wonderful, warm, and relaxing night, everyone! :hug
  14. Good Morning, Everybody! Marisa - glad that you received the vibes yesterday....and that the dep is over. I hope you got a great night's sleep, and are ready to tackle the world today:hug LeeAnn - Your newest scents sound divine:manyheart WTG on getting 10 sets of mitts/scarves done! Are they all the same pattern? Maybe after some are sold, you can "refill" your inventory:wink Joanne - Enjoy your day in Paradise today, friend! What kinds of things are you thinking of stitching for your grandbaby? Sarah - Have a sunshiney day today! I will be thinking of you when I trot off to "flowerland" today:manyheart Stacy - I don't know how you do it!!! It seems that the sememster starts are a whirlwind of craziness! Will you have all of your final course selections this week? and :hugto you and all of your girlies! Beth - How was your day yesterday? I hope that you have a great one today! What's on your agenda? Did your bed get to call you back again this morning? Colleen and Mary - I am thinking of you both today, as we "enjoy" an arctic blast! It's wicked cold here....low single digits without the wind chill... Well, kids, I gotta go and get ready for my day.... I have lots of flowers to get sorted out, arrangements and displays to make, and oooohhhh just general fun-ness! Have a great day, all! Stay safe, warm, and don't forget your vitamins!
  15. Sarah - clever filler idea! I like that you have more daisies at the top.... i thought I saw that:wink Joanne - Here ya go.... It's actually big enough for a toddler bed, so she can use it longer on her bed, and beyond.
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