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  1. Kathryn The box should have been delivered on Thursday (3/20)
  2. Kathryn I am sending 9 blankets out to you tomorrow. Let me know when they get there.
  3. I wasn't sure you were still doing this. I have some that I made for last year, I posted a note a few months ago in last years, asking ,but never got a response. Debbie
  4. I used to crochet that same way for years. Its just been within this past year that I changed. One day I started doing it the "other" way, and now find that I like it better. It didn't take long to re-train myself, I just made a conscious effort for a few days. But I agree with most everyone else, whatever works for you.
  5. I have a Leisure Arts Booklet Sunbonnet Sue & Overall Sam, too. It is afghans which are made in blocks. You are welcome to have it, if it is what you are looking for.
  6. Of course I am in again this year. Already have one finished.
  7. THANK YOU THANK YOU, the link explained it perfectly.
  8. I am making this http://www.naturallycaron.com/projects/st_petersburg/st_petersburg_1.html and am confused. I am on the BODY, and just finished where it says Row 4-25 (27,19) Repeat last 2 rows 16 (12, 8) more times. I amnot understanding the numbers in the (). I am making it in the larger size 40-42. I get that the () are for the different sizes. But why would it be fewer repeats if that is the case for the larger sizes. Hope I am making sense. Thanks Debbie
  9. Kathryn Good to hear that your Dad is doing well. I have 11 blankets to get in the mail to you, will probably get them out sometime next week. Take care of yourself and your Dad. Debbie
  10. Kathryn, no need to be ashamed, your health comes first, without that, we would not have this great project to contribute to. I also did not do as many as I would have liked, so I plan on "bringing up my numbers" also. Take Care of yourself. Debbie
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