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    Wife, mother of 2 daughters, about to be a grandmother
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    West Central Arkansas
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    Crochet, reading,
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    Mental Health Para Professional
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    right now, anything easy. I am learning to read patterns.
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    Learned years ago, but just this past year became interested enough to learn more.
  1. I agree. ILTY cotton is the best. It's the only yarn I buy.
  2. I came home today to a wonderful. On my Wish list, I had wished for a home made doll for my 4 yr old niece, and my 16 month old grandaughter. A very generous elfette in Florida sent an adorable Miss Toadette for Abby in pink (grnadaughter) and a beautiful baby with pony tails and a long white dress for Jamye (niece)! They are beautiful. I cant seem to ever post pics! Yhank you so much!! They will be well loved!
  3. Sorry everybody! I didn't realise I forgot to link the site, but yes, kathrynivy.com is the site.
  4. I just found a great site. It is actually a knitting site, but she has printable pages for Crocheting journal. You can print for knitting or crochetingpages to make notes for all your projects, place a pictur, and list the yarn, hook etc. Pages for upcoming projects and a place to keep up with the yarn, hook etc. I found it really neat. I am going to make a notebook to put this i and carry with me, so when I am out I can check to see what I hve i my stash, etc. Also, there is a page to keep track of what type of needles/hooks you have. All around, I found it a helpful site, with some good ideas!
  5. Oh!! I have to agree, this is the prettiest yet! Well, I am with all the rest saying please pick me! I am sure we would all give it a very good home!
  6. Both are very pretty. Don't you just love the ILTY ?
  7. Congrats ladies! All the shawls are beautiful. Enjoy wearing them.
  8. You can do a search on here in the search box. Congrats on your wonderful Gift!
  9. 3 Someones are going to be very lucky indeed! they are all beautiful!
  10. What a beautiful tree! Merry Christmas.
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