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  • Birthday 07/08/1957

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    Wife, mother of 2 daughters, about to be a grandmother
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    West Central Arkansas
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    Crochet, reading,
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    Mental Health Para Professional
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    right now, anything easy. I am learning to read patterns.
  • Crocheting since...
    Learned years ago, but just this past year became interested enough to learn more.
  1. Love it! It looks very nice
  2. That is by far the most beautiful rr I have ever seen! Amazing!!
  3. My Mom tried to, but my cousin was the sucessful one. i WAS ABOUT 10. I am 51 now, and have just gone back to it. I have alot to learn.
  4. Mel That is so pretty! I learned to do simple crochet as a young girl, and have begun again as I am going to be a granny for the first time. Are round ripples difficult? I am afraid I might be considered a beginner at this!
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