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    Wife, mother of 2 daughters, about to be a grandmother
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    West Central Arkansas
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    Crochet, reading,
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    Mental Health Para Professional
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    right now, anything easy. I am learning to read patterns.
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    Learned years ago, but just this past year became interested enough to learn more.
  1. I agree. ILTY cotton is the best. It's the only yarn I buy.
  2. Love it! It looks very nice
  3. That is by far the most beautiful rr I have ever seen! Amazing!!
  4. My Mom tried to, but my cousin was the sucessful one. i WAS ABOUT 10. I am 51 now, and have just gone back to it. I have alot to learn.
  5. Mel That is so pretty! I learned to do simple crochet as a young girl, and have begun again as I am going to be a granny for the first time. Are round ripples difficult? I am afraid I might be considered a beginner at this!
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