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    Wife, mother of 2 daughters, about to be a grandmother
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    West Central Arkansas
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    Crochet, reading,
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    Mental Health Para Professional
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    Learned years ago, but just this past year became interested enough to learn more.
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    right now, anything easy. I am learning to read patterns.
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  1. debra way

    C’Ville February 2012 Tote

    Very pretty. As always!
  2. debra way

    Cotton Yarn???

    I agree. ILTY cotton is the best. It's the only yarn I buy.
  3. debra way

    The February Shawl is Ready!

    It is absolutely goregeous!
  4. debra way

    2011 Wish List Thank You's

    I came home today to a wonderful. On my Wish list, I had wished for a home made doll for my 4 yr old niece, and my 16 month old grandaughter. A very generous elfette in Florida sent an adorable Miss Toadette for Abby in pink (grnadaughter) and a beautiful baby with pony tails and a long white dress for Jamye (niece)! They are beautiful. I cant seem to ever post pics! Yhank you so much!! They will be well loved!
  5. debra way

    C’Ville February 2010 Tote

    Love the tote and the name!
  6. debra way

    project journals

    Sorry everybody! I didn't realise I forgot to link the site, but yes, kathrynivy.com is the site.
  7. debra way

    project journals

    I just found a great site. It is actually a knitting site, but she has printable pages for Crocheting journal. You can print for knitting or crochetingpages to make notes for all your projects, place a pictur, and list the yarn, hook etc. Pages for upcoming projects and a place to keep up with the yarn, hook etc. I found it really neat. I am going to make a notebook to put this i and carry with me, so when I am out I can check to see what I hve i my stash, etc. Also, there is a page to keep track of what type of needles/hooks you have. All around, I found it a helpful site, with some good ideas!
  8. debra way

    C’Ville January 2010 Tote

    Oh!! I have to agree, this is the prettiest yet! Well, I am with all the rest saying please pick me! I am sure we would all give it a very good home!
  9. debra way

    Two Recenty Finished Afghans

    Both are very pretty. Don't you just love the ILTY ?
  10. debra way

    Hello Kitty Purse

    Very cute!
  11. Congrats ladies! All the shawls are beautiful. Enjoy wearing them.
  12. debra way

    Turtle's TLC, December bag

    Congrats! Enjoy it!
  13. debra way

    Got a Kindle!!

    You can do a search on here in the search box. Congrats on your wonderful Gift!
  14. 3 Someones are going to be very lucky indeed! they are all beautiful!
  15. debra way

    Homemade Christmas tree 2009

    What a beautiful tree! Merry Christmas.