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    Camping, fishing, gardening, reading and crocheting.
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    CSR for a wholesale formalwear company
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    Afghans, afghans, oh yeah- and afghans
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    My mother taught me to make granny squares in 1973
  1. I love to see this CAL bumped back up. All the RR's look great! Thanks everyone for taking the time to post photos to keep us inspired.
  2. Your RR is beautiful. The pink is great. I'm sure your friend will love it. I picot edge? You have WAY more patience than I do.
  3. Well, it sure looks pretty from here. Which RR pattern are you using? I think if you post that information someone can chime in and post some helpful hints specific to that pattern.
  4. Here are two of the RR's I made for Kathyrn's NICU charity. One Pound of Love will make a baby ghan and an RR. If you get the chance you should check out her charity thread, it's amazing how many baby-ghans she donates.
  5. Welcome to the 'ville RWB-Mom, be sure to post a photo when you're finished. It is always great to see this CAL bumped back towards the top. I too have a couple of baby-ghan RR's done. They are for Kathryn's NICU charity thread. Will try to add a link later.
  6. I try to stay away from this show and tell area for a reason,,, and this is it. I LOVE your bag lady bag holder, she is just perfect. TFS-
  7. It looks great Debbie- :cheergreen is one of my favorite colors. Nice to have some activity on this thread, thank you for taking the time to post. And now I know why the RR gets tedious towards the end- 60 rows sounds SO much better than 29,966 stitches!
  8. Great job- it turned out wonderfully didn't it? Thanks for taking the time to post-
  9. Awww Angie- I think your RR is wonderful. I had to laugh because I have only used a G for my RR's ( a G is my favorite hook). I guess ignorance is bliss- maybe I would be more prolific if I increased my hook size! Keep it up, you are almost there. Just keep telling yourself "one more round" and you will be finished before you know it.
  10. Thank you all for your kind words. It's official, I'm addicted. I was using what I thought was the Aggie May pattern from the "6 point to 12 point to 24 point CAL" but I believe this pattern is a little different and it works up wonderfully. Just as jenniferelyse 74 said, if you PM Aggie May (Colleen) she will reply with the pattern. Have fun, and be sure to post a picture once you have one finished.
  11. Here is my latest RR. The last time I visited with my grandma she hinted that it was time for another afghan for her davenport. I'm going to send it to her for Christmas. It's the AggieMay pattern so it isn't ruffled and it lays nice and flat. I used CrochetDad's modified sedge stitch for a nice neat edging. Done in; Caron pounder in Lace Bernat SV in Summerset Hombre, White and Redwood Heather-
  12. It's gorgeous Judy. I'm sure whoever ends up with your RR will fall in love with it. TFS-
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