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    My mother taught me to make granny squares in 1973
  1. and for some reason I was thinking I had more time. If you get the chance, can you post the date you would like to have all blankets on hand? I have some ready to go but would like to wait as long as I can so maybe I can get one more done. Kathryn, it sounds as if you've had a challenging year but don't be discouraged. Over 100 blankets is a wonderful gift you're able to deliver. Sometimes you just need to focus on yourself and your family. And we ALL know what it's like to lose our crochet mojo. I will post a picture of the blankets before I send them on their way. I am shipping to the same address unless I hear from you. Happy Holidays everyone. And great work!
  2. My goodness that's gorgeous. And made with scraps, love it.
  3. That is a beautiful afghan you've created there.
  4. Crochet as art, LOVE it!
  5. but I'm sitting at work working on a Basket Weave and thought I would try to catch up. I am always working the angles for you Kathryn. I was in a swap on Rav and the young lady I swapped with made a baby blanket for your charity. So incredibly sweet! I will try to remember to put her name on it. I hope everyone is ready for summer. Not exactly prime time for crocheting blankets but what the heck. Not much chatter to catch up on but I did see some cute and cuddly blankets. Nice work ladies!
  6. Hi Kathryn, Well, I managed only eight this year. If you can believe it, the warehouseman at my work is also sending one with a pair of booties! And I found a brand new, in the package fleece on clearance for $1.00 so I'm putting it in the box as well. If you think it's okay to donate great, if not maybe you can do your edgery doo thing to it for next year. Ships this Friday before vacation so you should see the box on Tuesday. If your addy changed PM me, otherwise, I'm shipping to the same address as last year. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! See you next year-
  7. Hi Kathryn, I know you want to deliver the week after Thanksgiving. If you get the chance, can you please post the date you would like to have all deliveries on hand? We're camping over the holidays and I would like to know if I should plan on delivery before or if I can stretch it until after we get back. Thanks!
  8. They are lovely socks. You get extra credit for finishing the second sock even though you are not happy with the first. Thank goodness your MIL is happy to take them off your, ahem, hands- or feet in this instance. I hereby declare HomekeepingGran is allowed two months of selfish knitting after the holidays to make up for the lace socks.
  9. Love seeing the blankets roll in, however you see fit to photograph them works for me. Here's hoping we'll see more "clown car boxes" soon. That really is a fitting description! The blankets are really adding up. Looking through the thread is super encouraging. Makes me want to start another blanket right now.
  10. Lurking on Ravelry seems harmless enough,,,,, Looks like you've been bitten by the bug. You are turning into a shawl knitting machine. I'm sure you will move on to lace and beads before you know it. They are both lovely!
  11. You're on a roll, can't wait to see your next shawl. Lurking on Ravely can be VERY dangerous, but in a good way.
  12. Wanted to pop in and say Happy Anniversary Sue! Good luck ladies!
  13. Congrats on your super cute turtle lovin' seat cover.
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