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  1. wow! she is fantastic! thank you for sharing the pattern!
  2. that is beautiful! thank you so much for sharing the pattern and the tutorial!!
  3. thank you so much for sharing this pattern-- it is great:cheer. I had just ordered some yarn to make an afghan but hadn't completely settled on a pattern and when I read this one I loved it and started immediately. I am using 3 different shades of purple and then a variegated purple and am happy with the way it is turning out. thanks again!
  4. We had a bridal shower for my daughter yesterday and among her gifts was a set of little crocheted scrubbers (sorry I don't have a picture). These scrubbers were made out of the large tulle and are very scratchy...perfect for washing dishes! They were made by a little girl who had crocheted them herself and attached was a cute poem that I wanted to share. It was listed as author unknown. I'm a handy scrubber I won't get dirty, I won't sour, I'll just simply clean and scour. I'll wash your dishes, Your pans I'll scrub, I'll even attack the ring in your tub. I'll stay so pretty
  5. Gorgeous!! I love the colors and just in time for Valenties day!
  6. he is so adorable! thanks for sharing your pattern!!
  7. wow! that purple spiderman blanket is amazing!! what a great idea...I can see that she loves it!!
  8. On Christmas Eve, I was crocheting right up until the last minute and my hands were really hurting and I was feeling some of that burnout. Then Christmas morning I got an edgerydoo and some new books and I was done there rummaging through my yarn bins in no time:hook! I occassionally feel weary, but all I have to do is log onto crochetville and see some great pattern someone has shared and I am running for my hooks again!
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