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  1. I love these! what a great stash buster! thanks for the link
  2. finally finished with a long weekend volleyball tournament and was thrilled to find a beautiful square from teakaycee waiting for me!! thank you so much tammy, it is beautiful!! Sue, I am so sorry to hear you aren't feeling well! Being sick when it is so hot can really take you down! Take care of yourself!
  3. I received an amazing square from Erin! thank you so much, it is absolutely beautiful and I love it!
  4. I checked both Michaels near me and couldn't find any of that color. I do hate when this happens...seems like I either buy too little or waaay too much! Hope you find it
  5. :wooI received a beautiful square from sue along with a great Key West magnet!! thank you sue:hug, I love it, and I am sorry this was delayed! I didn't even realize this square had come since my teenage daughter carried the mail into her room with her things and once things go in the cave...well, they may never be seen again. Thankfully the amazing square was saved!
  6. just got a sale flyer from Michaels and I was heading over there this afternoon. that yarn is supposed to be on sale...I will check and see if there if any of that color there.
  7. that is horrible! the way yarn prices are increasing all over it makes you want to stock up before it gets any worse!
  8. I'm sorry to hear there has been so much sadness. :hugYou are very thoughtful and I would like to help with this. I will add this to my project bag for the 4th. Already have your address and will let you know as soon as I mail!
  9. love it! :manyheartthe colors you chose are so pretty and the butterfly is a wonderful touch!
  10. wow! great job! he is amazing
  11. Joanns has them and they go on sale frequently...you don't have to go to s store...just watch for free shipping. This weekend I got a bunch of brand new ones at yard sales and also a few at thrift shops...several people recomended that already and it is a great place to look!!
  12. this is absolutely beautiful!! I bet they will love it!
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