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EasterEgg Earrings


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Hello everyone, I'm so loving this bead crochet thing so wanted to show you these: First off the pattern is here: http://www.crochetmemories.com/archive/april2.html And you will notice that its done in yarn in the pattern but,to get these small enough I used thread It kinda looks like embroidary thread but its just one strand. I thought I was getting this really cool deal on this big bag of embroidary floss at JoAnn's but as it turns out its a big bag of tread floss that looks like embroidary floss. At any rate its a little thicker than your average sewing thread or 3 strans of floss together. I also used a tiny , tiny steel hook, the kind that makes your eyes hurt. (smile) And last but not least the beads I cheated and sewed them on after because the work was so small for me. Shown next to a dime so you can see how big they are.


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:cheer Well done you i might go and try and make some myself now they are brill i love them all


sue xxx

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