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  1. Tide is the greatest stain remover. If the stain doesn't come out you can alway tea stain the whole piece.
  2. nutz4crochet

    New knitter

    That is great that your knitting. Warning its addicting...Did you see the multi directional scarf? Its all knit stitch + a few new skills. Nothing too complicated. Heres a picture and a link to the pattern. http://wendyknits.net/knit/multiscarf1.htm Happy knitting!
  3. I came across a few...not patterns but interesting. Dior and Gucci. http://www.stephaniesyjuco.com/antifactory/blog/2006/05/carries-crocheted-dior.html http://www.stephaniesyjuco.com/antifactory/blog/2006/04/gucci-gucci-goo.html[url=http://www.stephaniesyjuco.com/antifactory/blog/2006/05/carries-crocheted-dior.html][/url]
  4. Lucky you. I stayed in Nags Heads just two weeks ago. We went to Manteo, not far from where we stayed. I stumbled to a little shopping area and found a yarn shop. They had a nice variety of yarn and some thread too. The store had a special on many crochet and knitting magazines for $2.50. Fine Yarns at Kimebeeba 107D Budleigh St Manteo, NC
  5. Annie's Attic has a pineapple mantle piece in this leaflet, photo 3 http://www.anniesattic.com/detail.html?prod_id=18389 It's on sale too!
  6. I'm not crazy about SB hooks either they make my fingers sore. I never broke one though. My favorite is Boye.
  7. Wow that is really a nice ripple. The blues look great.
  8. I made this one when I first got the magazine. It is from Crochet Fantasy Oct. 1992, the doily is called Victoriana.
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