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    I'm a SAHM with a 3 1/2-year-old son. I'm a Chinese-Filipino.
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    crocheting, beading
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    fashion designer
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    clothing, beaded jewelry
  1. It's beautiful, Kathy!!!!!!
  2. Wow!!!! I love your version! I made mine about 2 years ago using variegated thread with solid colored motifs.
  3. Great job! I love crocheting with beads!
  4. jaclim

    Pixie Pete

    another cute one!
  5. It's gorgeous, Demet! I am in awe of your patience!
  6. he's so adorable, Mary Jo!
  7. those are unique and beautiful and elegant, Kathy! I hope you find your testers!
  8. WOW!!!!! Those are beautiful! The recipeints of those bags are so lucky!
  9. all of your work are beautiful!
  10. I just love those cute beetles and they are so unique, cupcake! Oh, and Thanks a million for the plug! May we all have another year of creative ideas! I wish I have more time to turn them into reality though!
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