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  1. I usually tighten up a situation like you have by running another length of yarn through the starting chain and tightening it with the yarn. If I'm making something where I'm not sure if I'll have this situation of a looser starting chain, I leave a very long tail so I can use it to do the tightening.
  2. I don't think you've provided enough information for us to help. By any chance, do you have a link to the pattern? Or perhaps where you found the pattern? A book? Magazine? etc I checked Ravelry for peacock throws and there were too many to choose from. https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/search#craft=crochet&pc=blanket&query=peacock&sort=best&view=captioned_thumbs Can you describe the problem? Write out the bit you're having problems with?
  3. When I think of crochet buttons, Nancy Nehring comes to mind. Just found her book on the Internet Archive. You can browse the book online for an hour when you have a userid and password. https://archive.org/details/50heirloombutton00nehr/mode/2up I have the book in my home library somewhere. Page 18 has patterns for dorset buttons.
  4. I wonder if you could run millinery wire around the top edge to give back the bucket. If it also has a brim, maybe another wire around the outside of the brim. I've seen patterns that call for floral wire running around the brim. Seem to be lots of Etsy sellers selling it.
  5. There's a couple of sellers on Etsy selling it already made. Perhaps if asked, they'd sell the pattern? https://www.etsy.com/search?q=felicity shagwell costume&ref=auto-1
  6. This is the result of the aging process. What I type is frequently not in my head. I was excellent at grammar once upon a time and used to turn up my nose at those people who made mistakes such as "there/their/they're" or "too/two/to". I'm losing vocabulary words and frequently substitute with the wrong one.
  7. If you need more pattern testing work beyond Crochetville, check our Ravelry. There is at least one testing group for crochet. I love picture afghans. I've never attempted one with the stitch you've used.
  8. I agree with Granny Square. There could be an entire thread on how names have changed through the years.
  9. Thanks for the replies -- I felt as though I was going crazy with the first row of the Puff Stitches. I really think this is the first pattern I've encountered where Puff stitches don't count into the total. If you have a Ravelry ID, it's this pattern. When I looked over the comments from people making it, there were a lot of people confused with Row 2. Finally with my 4th making of it, I thought maybe it wasn't Row 2 per se, it was the explanation of the puff stitch not being counted. Without any puff stitches, it could be simple filet crochet with spider stitch thrown in. htt
  10. The two fatter pieces look like crochet, but that's just a guess. There is nylon 'yarn' but I cannot see a way (looking at pics) to repair given how nylon works. This website sells a lot of Omega nylon. They also have photos of projects buyers have sent in. https://creativeyarnsource.com/product-category/nylon/
  11. My very first hook I purchased was a Hero hook. I have always really liked it's shape which is somewhat between a Bates hook and a Boye hook. Sort of a flatter wider head. I have noticed that the newer Hero hooks began to resemble a Boye hook and lost their unique look. I have since collected a ton of thse hooks on eBay and could probably dig out a full set of them without even noticing it. Aero brand (generally from the UK/Canada) is a similar shape to the old Aero. Some of the Clover hooks definitely look like the old Hero; however the Clover hooks have handles that are mu
  12. There's a beaded shawl I like to make for donation for auctions (I have made it 5 times). It's a spider stitch combined with puff stitches and a unique king of beaded fringe. It's beautiful and generally gets a lot of bids. However ... I have only figured out this time around why my starting chain and Row 1 with all DCs always was 31 stitches short. Row 2 is where the puff stitches start. Getting through Row 2 has always been somewhat nightmarish. I finally figured out if I don't count the 31 Puff Stitches in Row 2 that my starting chain as in the pattern is correct. It's as
  13. I had a number of years where I didn't really do very much. The quarantine inspired me to sort and use up all sorts of yarn -- such as rugs that used like 5000 yards of stashed bits and pieces. I also purchased labels that said "made with love during the 2020 quarantine" for anything I sewed or crocheted. The unplanned benefit? I entered our County Fair for the very first time. All entries got a First Place. The local Michael's gave me a gift card for my stashbusting rug entry. I got a note with my very tedious thread doily that it had been up for Grand Champion. Then last wee
  14. I have 4 sources I check when I've run out of yarn: eBay Etsy Ravelry Craigslist (least likely)
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