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    A dedicated Crochet Addict! I am a very happily married mother of 3 kids (23, 21 and 16).
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    Western WA
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    Crocheter and Avid Keeper of fine Mutt chickens, rescued dogs and horses
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    Exec Assistant
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    Since about 1979
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    Chemo Caps!
  1. Qmare

    squares from 200 crochet blocks

    I can hardly wait to see what the finished afghan looks like because your blocks look wonderful. I have that book as well and really love pulling it out and doing a few squares now and then. One of these days, I'll have a sampler as well!
  2. Qmare

    American Beauty

    Wow. The pattern is so cool... but your afghan is really wonderful. For a 1st project, well, all I can say is that it's a prizewinner. Good job! that afghan is a treasure... Mare
  3. Qmare

    Anyone from the Pacific North-wet?

    Well, I live in Kent, near Pacific Raceways... moved up here from So Cal last year and don't plan to ever leave. Love it up here and I love the rain!
  4. Qmare


    That is a really pretty, very old fashioned afghan. You did a fabulous job. I'll bet your MIL treasures this thoughtful gift!
  5. Qmare

    Nolan's dino-ghan birthday present

    That is one of the cutest kid 'ghans I've seen in a long time! Nice job!
  6. Qmare

    Granny Tote....

    Really cute and I have to repeat... wonderful choice of colors. Those turned out really nice.
  7. Qmare

    New project

    That's very nice work you are doing. Looks like it will be a very nice, warm snuggly 'ghan when you are done!
  8. Qmare

    babette fever

    I LOVE it! Where is the pattern?
  9. I just wanted to say that I think what you are doing here is really beautiful... the stories have relaly moved me. I have lost loved ones as well so it moves my heart to see what you are doing to help raise money for a cure and raise awareness.
  10. Qmare

    scarf CAL

    Very nice!!! Dreams... your swap partner is very lucky! I love your scarves! I've still gotta get the stitch name posted for you all on mine... I finished one over the weekend (green alpaca done with rows of crossed dcs) and am almost done with another one (fisherman colored woolease done in small cables). I work all week and have animals, too, so it won't be till this weekend that I can get pix. It's been a brutal week!!! Top it off, I have to go in for a sleep study tonight... oye! So, I'll talk to you all later!
  11. Qmare

    Flower scarflet

    Love it! What a cute scarf! Pattern?
  12. Qmare

    Half-a-ponytail hat- newest design

    What an adorable hat!!! Your daughter is just a doll... what a cute smile!
  13. Qmare

    Lets Do A Round Ripple Together

    Hiya, Lynn!!! Long time no see... is that your new doggie in your avatar or you old buddy? I, too, think I want to try this but I want with with fewer points... I think. I need to go look at patterns! Can't wait to see yours... sounds different!
  14. Qmare

    Ruffled Scarf

    Niiiiiiiiiiiice... and I love your model. We are big Halloween fans at my house as well... and used to host a HUGE party each year but this year we are in a new house and don't really have any super close neighbors... so all my jillion Halloween decos will stay in their boxes!
  15. Qmare

    Sock Madness!

    Dang, I'm right there with you! It was a lot of fun but something diverted my attention and that poor lone sock is still sitting in my WIP box. Nice work on your socks! I applaud you!