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    A dedicated Crochet Addict! I am a very happily married mother of 3 kids (23, 21 and 16).
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    Western WA
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    Crocheter and Avid Keeper of fine Mutt chickens, rescued dogs and horses
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    Exec Assistant
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    Chemo Caps!
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    Since about 1979
  1. Hiya, Lynn!!! Long time no see... is that your new doggie in your avatar or you old buddy? I, too, think I want to try this but I want with with fewer points... I think. I need to go look at patterns! Can't wait to see yours... sounds different!
  2. Ha ha... the truth is, you get sucked in and swept along and before you know it, you've got a pile of WIPS around your sewing chair! Right now, I'm working on the Lace 35 Grannys Quilt Block! :laughroll :rofl Julie... you always seemed so sweet... but I know what evil lurks beneath your exterior!
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