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  1. I got my package from Heather aka SapphireNinja. It is great! Thanks so much. I'm charging my camera batteries now so I can post a picture soon.
  2. Hi and to Crochetville from Mississippi!
  3. I've finished my shopping today. SapphireNinja, your package will be in the mail tomorrow!
  4. Yarn Duck


    That's just darling.
  5. Another vote for abbreviations. It's just so much easier to read like that.
  6. I'm sending in my survey now. I haven't done a swap in a while - this should be fun!!
  7. Yarn Duck

    Broomstick Lace

    I've thought about getting that pattern. I know that I would have to raise the neckline a bit - I just don't quite do the plunging neckline thing. In a light-weight yarn (she recommends a DK weight) that should be a really nice sweater. I have purchased the pattern for the Butterfly Wrap from Stitch Diva and hope to make it this summer. The pattern seems to be well written, with several photographs of the stitches and a stitch diagram. The skill level is also Intermediate and it is not a pattern for beginners. (But I really like challenging patterns.)
  8. That's so elegant-looking. And I love the beaded flowers. Nice touch!
  9. Hi and to Crochetville from Mississippi!
  10. Hi and to Crochetville from Mississippi!!
  11. Wool that is not superwash will make the most wonderful felted potholders! I ended up with several partial balls of Cascade 220 and crocheted potholders from those. They felted nicely and have become the most used of any of my projects.
  12. I really like this issue. I like that the patterns are more advanced caused that gives me a chance to stretch my skills. I've already got the yarn for the socks - hope to start them sometime next week.
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