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  1. Wow I love that and yes it would made an awesome shawl. Thanks for posting it.
  2. Really adorable..i love the tongue
  3. Omg these are so adorable! I have another grandson due in Sept. printing this out now. Thanks
  4. My sister has a scarf someone made for her using a very tiny pompom yarn in solid white. The pompoms are not closely spaced. I've been hunting everywhere for this yarn, but all I find is either multi colored or the poms are too large. Could it be listed as possibly another type than pompom? Thanks for anyone who can help.
  5. This may be what you want: Adorable ones here:
  6. you are most welcome
  7. Incredibly beautiful..I'm amazed at all the work.
  8. The pattern is here:
  9. Try these:
  10. I'm loving it!
  11. Thank you! Cute ideas
  12. Can the sleeve hole be made to fit a heavier upper arm?
  13. Trying to locate this pattern if anyone could help, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks bunches Disregard-found it!
  14. It's wonderful...great work!
  15. This is a great pattern thanks. I made one for our preemie granddaughter and it came out perfect.