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    retired from army career in 2000, having second life as mom, crafter, Elementary School volunteer.
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    Washington DC Metro Area
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    Crochet, crafting with and giving books to kids, yarn collection
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    full-time Mom
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    using the double ended hooks, afghans, things that don't require strict gauge success!
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    since May 2005; local synagogue's mitzvah day included making Warm Up America squares
  1. Of course! You're qualified for not one, but two CALs (and maybe three, depending on how you look at it): The Crocheters against UFOs CAL, The 63 Squares CAL, and (probably) The 63 Wannabe Club. Depend on it, if you've got a WIP, there's probably a crochet along doing something like it!
  2. Qmare, I just have to see the ghan you come up with, combining those CAL's! It'll either be hysterical, historical, or both . Thanks for the word picture!
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