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    retired from army career in 2000, having second life as mom, crafter, Elementary School volunteer.
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    Washington DC Metro Area
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    Crochet, crafting with and giving books to kids, yarn collection
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    full-time Mom
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    using the double ended hooks, afghans, things that don't require strict gauge success!
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    since May 2005; local synagogue's mitzvah day included making Warm Up America squares
  1. Oh, the Yugmeister has a definite weakness for a pretty face; and her eyes?!! Oh, yeah, he'll fall ... hard!
  2. Donna, way to go but take care of your wrist! don't risk your crocheting future!!
  3. Oh, yeah! The Yugmeister has definitely met his match! Prissy does not look like she takes guff off of anyone. Or perhaps she was hungry and wanted to know why you were fooling around with a camera and not a can opener? Or is she daring you to try and wear that scarf? sigh. I miss my furbaby..... Prissy sure looks soft....
  4. Whew! That's a relief - I know I wouldn't dare mess with a Feline's Favorite Place. The Piano Protection Society will be so relieved!
  5. Musicmarth - very pretty blues in the baby granny! If you mentioned the yarn in an earlier post, I'm sorry I missed the reference - looks very snuggly and warm.
  6. Laurie, your color choices are so pretty! and the way the colors repeat in the variegated yarn gives your 'ghan a swirling appearance. simply stunning!
  7. Speaking of prairie stars and lots of joining , I tried my hand at the Diamond crib quilt Annie's Attic posted as their 1 Nov free pattern. (Think zillions of tiny (2 round) hexagon motifs that are sewn together in diamond shapes). As soon as I read those instructions, I knew I was in trouble, so modified round 2 to be a joining round instead. Still left me with a gazillion ends to weave in. Here's my question: All of my little motifs cup upwards, as did my diamonds in the Prairie Star. I figure that means that the diameter of the motif is too small for its radius, but how do you fix that without adding stitches (which messes up the symmetry/stitch count?). I've tried bigger hooks, and all I get is a bigger motif - that cups. But the Prairie Star motifs were flat until I joined them. Was wondering if the joining technique might be the culprit.... Any thoughts from our resident design mavens? Hmmmm, maybe I should try a shorter stitch? Like a half dc instead of a dc? - then the motifs will be even smaller and I'll need more of 'em! Gotta be a better way... (did I mention the gazillion ends?)
  8. I'm not nearly that brave! Julie, on the other hand, has completed one of these motif-joining monsters ; Julie, what did you do for a border?
  9. Hmmmm. Perhaps he'd prefer the piano strings for ear piercings? Either way, just be firm and tell him HE CAN'T HAVE THEM. Or put Prissy on guard? somehow, I'm having a hard time imagining hiding something as big as a piano...... Hey, this could be a good test of just how far the Yugster will go in pursuit of his favorite delicacies (and disobeying his host's house rules). But if your precautions fell short, I shudder to think of the post we'd see from the Piano Protection Society. or the Yugly Yarn Basket Nutrition Council
  10. eating the cable wire (or your chocolates!:hug) isn't a ROFL matter, but I just couldn't resist after picturing a possum, big smile spread across its face, sprawled in the trap with Godiva wrappers littering the floor around it.... He'd go happy, that's for sure. Paulette, you sure lead an interesting life. or am I the only one here at the 'Ville possum-less?
  11. Carol, your yellow and white 'ghan just made me smile all over! Happy, happy, 'ghan! Olga, love the greens in yours - one of my favorite colors, too. Debi - love the chunky look you achieved in yours - I'm working with homespun (when I finally get past round 8, aaaaghhh!) and hope mine is half as nice as yours. Way to go everybody!
  12. Whew! Good idea on the instruments. I don't think Yugly'll be too disappointed, though; just tell him that your instruments are waaaay too shiny and pretty to make good snacks. You know he just loves rusty metals! I can hardly wait to hear the outcome of Petey's and Prissy's encounter with the Yugman. He's getting quite an education in catkind.... Do Yuglies like fish? gasp! the hooks! How could I have forgotten? And they're not the crochet kind, either. Do you think he'll notice? edited: Oh, I do like the Yugly moniker; I think Laverne is right - "Bugly" is a tad juvenile for as sophisticated a world traveler as he is becoming....
  13. I'm stalled on 8 rounds; I put it down to finish up a stole/shawl I'd promised, and I guess the colors just weren't calling my name loudly enough to pick it back up again. Got some Windsor and Candy Apple Red Homespun that I'd like to do something with, though.....
  14. Thank you, Tabby! sorry, I should have checked your earlier posts for the rounds I bet it's really comfy...
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