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  1. Crocheting these for Christmas.
  2. I'm so impressed with your skill and generosity. I wish I was more like you!!!
  3. My fleece jacket had a high, stiff collar, that was a pain in the neck. I cut it off and replaced it with a sashay ruffle.
  4. The pattern came from More "Fridgies." Perhaps you can find an old copy on ebay. I just added a piece of yarn at the top for hanging.
  5. I'm impressed with them all.......great crocheting!
  6. Super cute, just the right gift for the right little girl!
  7. nevadamama


    I don't know the character but I'm impressed with what you created!
  8. I'm impressed! Great photography/staging too!
  9. I've made these before but this one is bigger.
  10. I made these teddy bear ornaments for a charity through our senior center.
  11. I forgot to mention that it fits over a gallon jug; easy to do and no batting needed for the body.
  12. This isn't my best creation but it's OK. I hate crocheting with black yarn and this has lots of it. Thought it needed something so I added orange trim.
  14. nevadamama

    Jungle Toy

    A few changes were made but it came out well.
  15. I've decided to donate the Rainbow Pillow Doll to our senior center. It will be raffled off and money raised will buy yarn for the crochet class, which crochets for charity.
  16. Thanks for your comment. I like to crochet novelties so it's fun to make but it takes a lot of work and time. I crochet loosely, so after making the giraffe & tree, I went down a hook size. My friend is crocheting one too and her's is a lot smaller. I didn't like the color of the giraffe so I made mine yellow with brown spots. I also can't make loops so my grass with be latch hooked. I had issues with the leaves too but I worked it out........not complaining, just venting.
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