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    It took me 60 years to enter the county fair. I don't know why it took me so long.
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    crocheting, reading, digital photography and crossword puzzles and now going to the senior center
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    retired supply technician for the state of Nevada
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    novelties, pot holders, pincushions, scarves, tissue covers

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  1. nevadamama

    3D flower baby blanket

    I'm sooooo impressed!
  2. nevadamama

    three ruffled scarves

    Crocheting these for Christmas.
  3. nevadamama

    Snowman Stockings

    I'm so impressed with your skill and generosity. I wish I was more like you!!!
  4. nevadamama

    Sashay collar

    My fleece jacket had a high, stiff collar, that was a pain in the neck. I cut it off and replaced it with a sashay ruffle.
  5. nevadamama

    Gobble Gobble the Turkey

    I'm Impressed!!
  6. nevadamama

    Teddy Bear ornaments

    The pattern came from More "Fridgies." Perhaps you can find an old copy on ebay. I just added a piece of yarn at the top for hanging.
  7. nevadamama

    Sammy the Mini Skunk-Pic Heavy

    I'm impressed with them all.......great crocheting!
  8. nevadamama

    Little Pet Shop accessories

    Super cute, just the right gift for the right little girl!
  9. nevadamama

    Cinderella Doll

    I'm Impressed!
  10. nevadamama


    I don't know the character but I'm impressed with what you created!
  11. nevadamama

    24 Teddy Bears for Christmas

    I'm impressed! Great photography/staging too!
  12. nevadamama

    Chicago Bears football

    I've made these before but this one is bigger.
  13. nevadamama

    Teddy Bear ornaments

    I made these teddy bear ornaments for a charity through our senior center.
  14. nevadamama

    Halloween Table & Tree October 2011 (Images heavy)

    I'M sooooo IMPRESSED!!!!
  15. nevadamama

    A Witch, a Skeleton and a Scarecrow

    I'm impressed!!! Nicely done!!