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Oh the things he puts up with!

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So I love my Toby more than anything! Some may think I'm a crazy dog Mom because I like to buy him cute jammies, or make him cupcakes or a cake for his birthday and other things! Well if that makes me crazy then I don't wanna be sane! Anyways this year I had big plans to make him a party hat and I baked him a cake for his 4th Birthday with plans to get a super cute photo which unfortunately didn't work out. :( But prior to that I still managed to get some photos of him wearing that hat. So here he is! That second one makes me laugh. His look of "the things I put up with..." :P If anyone else has crocheted anything for their pets I would love to see!



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Oh my goodness!  This made me smile!  He kind of looks embarrassed in the second photo!  :lol   But he sure is a cutie pie and you are a great "mom"!

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