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  1. Thank you so so much for your help! I'm not too picky on making it EXACTLY that size, as close as possible though, but if it's off by a bit that's fine. Time to just give it a go and hope for the best!
  2. I would like to make the blanket the same size as the pattern. Unfortunately there is no gauge. I understand the part where I make however many stitches necessary to match the width of the blanket in the pattern, but I'm a little confused as to what the point is of the unused chains. Actually, if I just did the amount of stitches needed for width and then just do a bunch of rows, measure and multiply that by 5 (the number of colour blocks I plan to do) and once I get to a certain amount of rows that will end up close to the length of what I want it to be, I guess I could just copy that for a
  3. Hello everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful morning/day/night where ever you may be. I'm wanting to make this blanket: http://www.thesweetersideofmommyhood.com/blog/art/2012/12/hot-applejuice/#more-4140 The person states they used Lion Brand Vanna's Choice yarn which is a 4 medium weight yarn. Unfortunately, where I live I just have a Michael's for yarn selection and they didn't have anything I was looking for colour wise in a 4 medium, I ended up getting baby yarn which is a 3 light yarn. My question is, will I be okay to substitute? I still consider myself in the beginner stage o
  4. Hm. Maybe I'll hold off on the hats then. My stash consists of acrylic yarn. I'm hoping to branch out but any patterns I've made so far have called for acrylic.
  5. So I love my Toby more than anything! Some may think I'm a crazy dog Mom because I like to buy him cute jammies, or make him cupcakes or a cake for his birthday and other things! Well if that makes me crazy then I don't wanna be sane! Anyways this year I had big plans to make him a party hat and I baked him a cake for his 4th Birthday with plans to get a super cute photo which unfortunately didn't work out. But prior to that I still managed to get some photos of him wearing that hat. So here he is! That second one makes me laugh. His look of "the things I put up with..." If anyone else has c
  6. Good evening/morning/afternoon/whatever time it may be for you I've found myself in kind of a rut. I would like to use up some yarn that I already have but find that nothing really has stuck out that I want to make. So until something strikes my fancy I'm thinking of maybe doing smaller projects that won't take much effort/thought and will work up quickly. I was thinking of maybe doing up some baby hats to either donate or gift and it got me wondering - do you happen to crochet a bulk stock (did I word that correctly?) of items? Things that if you happen to need to gift somebody something
  7. Tribble79 I absolutely love the colours!! Great job! If you happen to want to give a creeper blanket another go, here's the link to the blog where I found the creeper blanket - http://signedwithanowl.blogspot.ca/2014/02/minecraft-afghan.html
  8. Hello! Currently I only crochet, but am also very curious about knitting. I would much rather buy a set of needles instead of one at a time. I have my eye on these gorgeous interchangeable circular needles (http://www.knitpicks.com/needles/Options_Interchangeable_Caspian_Circular_Knitting_Needle_Set__D91078.html) and was wondering if these were possible to use to learn how to knit. I do realize it would be best to probably buy one set of needles to learn and once successful THEN buy a set of different needles, but I just love these circular ones. Thanks in advance!!!!!!
  9. Again, thank you very very much! I considered joining them with a border of the same colour, however, I wanted the Creeper to look as authentic as possible (as well as I was just copying exactly what the lady who provided the idea because I loved how hers looked). As for the invisible join, I thought I was doing that? I went through both loops and then every so often pulled it taut. However, I think I read somewhere that going through both loops vs I believe the back ones can cause the squares to not lay flat? Also, Because of the many different colours and a lot of the yarn I bought provided
  10. I didn't think of gauging! I think of gauging more for clothing. But even though this isn't something you wear, it did need to be certain sizes! I'll have to remember that. But thank you all for the compliments! I had the thought of making this for him for Christmas and just couldn't bear to wait that long to start making it. Let's hope he still loves Minecraft by December!
  11. Thank you! I'm most certainly not disappointed, especially for it being my first. But as I start to make more and more blankets I do want them to look as close to perfect as they can be. I did happen to use a smaller hook on one colour that just seemed to be much bigger than the rest. Not sure why I didn't play around with the others more? Oh well, lessons learned for next time! I think you're right Granny Square about the border emphasizing the waviness. And I can't wait to try the JAYG method! Thanks for all of the advice!
  12. Well thank you! Although I felt like a machine whipping out all those granny squares haha! I had a feeling too that different sized squares might contribute to not laying flat. The girl who I found this project idea from also had some different size squares and hers laid flat but she joined as you went. I assume because hers didn't get pulled taut to join, that's why hers laid flat despite size difference. Hm, next time I edge a blanket I'll have to pay more attention, maybe lay it out before I FO. Although at that point I knew the blanket was going to be wavy so I wasn't too concerned about
  13. I started teaching myself about 6 months ago at 22. Since getting into this hobby I've learned that my late Grandmother not only knit (and many other crafty things!) but she also crocheted! It really makes me wish I would have heard about crochet when I was little. I would have loved to have shared that hobby with her. However, because I'm left handed I remember she wouldn't teach me how to knit, so maybe she would have also refused to teach me crochet. But I ended up teaching myself right handed. I figured it would be awkward to begin with so why not learn it so I don't have to read things ba
  14. Hello everyone! This is my very first blanket and although it's not perfect I am quite proud of it! My nephew loves Minecraft and can always be seen cuddled up in a blanket, so what better way than to combine the two. I used a basic granny square of 5 rounds with one chain between 3dc and a ch of 3 in the corners. Most of the squares were the same size (6 inches) while some were a bit bigger, maybe by half an inch? I blocked them before joining and to join I started with a figure 8 and then went through both loops of each granny square side by side (I hope that makes sense?!) My blanket
  15. Thank you all so much for your responses! I definitely know that in the handmade world it can be very difficult to sell items. I remember looking at a blanket on Etsy that was around $200 give or take and I thought that was outrageous! However, I'm not certain how people come up with pricing yet and after purchasing and working on the Minecraft blanket - a) I realized supplies aren't cheap! and b) it's been quite a bit of work to make! I've loved every minute of it but I am starting to see why handmade can be pricey but can also understand where people think "I'd rather just buy something
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