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    Small town girl, married to a terrific guy for 50 years, this June!
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    Since about 1965
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  1. Were you, by any chance, including the stitches that are supposed to be added for the base chain in each pattern?
  2. That's quite an accomplishment, but I can't help but think how many afghans he could have made during that time for Veterans and retirement homes. I don't like being a "Debby-Downer", but that's my thought.
  3. These are beautiful!! My Crochet Club makes these blankets for Veterans hospitals. We've been crocheting these and prayer shawls since 2011. There's just no better feeling, is there? Keep up the Good work!!! God bless you!
  4. He is ADORABLE!! Great job!!
  5. Hi, Mia! Welcome to Crochetville! This is a great place to come for help, encouragement, or just to visit!
  6. Is this for a shop that is strictly crochet, or just a yarn shop?
  7. I didn't see the pic of the pattern that you posted as an attachment.
  8. I use ceiling tiles. You can buy them at places like Menard's, Lowe's, or any building materials store. They are usually less than $1 each, and you can reuse them countless times. I mostly use the 12" square ones, but you can buy the 24" square ones for the bigger projects, If you want bigger ones, just join them like you would for a ceiling. I cover them with waxed paper or saran wrap, and use straight pins.
  9. I'm SO glad I'm not the only Crazy Crochet Lady! Or rather--the crazy crochet pattern lady!!!
  10. This yarn isn't really supposed to match colors at the end of the row. It's known as a random striping yarn, and, as Granny Square says--the color change is gradual. It makes beautiful shawls and afghans, or any other of a number of things!!
  11. I think the best way to remember how to do any foundation stitch is to: Chain 2, make 1 sc in the first ch, then make your stitch (sc, or dc) in the same stitch. Then sc in the sc of the previous stitch, Then make your sc (or dc) in the same stitch. Continue. Hope this helps!
  12. So sorry to hear you lost your cat! It's something you really never get over completely. You are not the only one needing a pattern intervention!!! I have so many patterns saved on my computer that it is shameful!! And I can't print them out, because the stupid printer only prints one or two sheets at a time, then goes on strike for the next 2 days or so!!!!!GRRRRRR!!!!
  13. Oh, No! Now I'm going to be craving Cream Sickles!!!! My VERY favorite!!! Glad summer is soon to be here!!!
  14. Thanks so much for sharing!!!
  15. I've been working on squares for a group of kids who are putting together donated squares for afghans--so I'm really trying to weave those "darling" ends in as I go, so it won't be so "easy" to set the project aside! It sure takes a lot of will power, tho!