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    Small town girl, married to a terrific guy for 50 years, this June!
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    Vincennes, in southwestern Indiana
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    crochet, reading, crochet, collecting antiques, crochet......
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    Retired TA, Avon Lady since 1999, now teaching crochet class at our local Senior Center
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    afghans, scarves, shawls, bags
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    Since about 1965

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  1. AWESOME!! Just awesome! You've done some beautiful work there! Have a happy Holiday Season!
  2. Welcome to Crochetville!! Hope you have a great Holiday Season!!
  3. Welcome to our "home away from home"!! We're always glad to find another "family member" Happy crocheting!
  4. Beautiful!! Can you share the address for Operation Gratitude?
  5. My hubby actually bought two bars of Ivory soap yesterday at the store! I picked them up, and asked: "What are these things?" He just looked at me kind of stupidly--couldn't appreciate a joke, I guess!
  6. Yes, Krys is correct--they're just for the individual bars of soap. I made some for stocking stuffers one year, and they were very well received!
  7. It's not just you! I've always had trouble working with Homespun! Just too soft...or something...! The lapghan is gorgeous!!!
  8. Avon Lady

    Ear Savers

    Krys--the cotton yarn doesn't stretch as much as regular yarn does.
  9. A Nursing home! What a wonderful idea!!! We currently donate shawls and lapghans to our local nursing homes--but I really like that idea too!
  10. patterns by Champygirl
  11. Avon Lady

    Baby whale

    Tell her, for me, that her whale is absolutely darling!! Did she name it?
  12. Hi! I'm also from Indiana--Vincennes. Welcome to the Ville!
  13. Darski--It's so good to have you back, crocheting with us again!!!
  14. Welcome to the Ville, Sara! Glad to have you join us!!
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