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    Small town girl, married to a terrific guy for 50 years, this June!
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    Vincennes, in southwestern Indiana
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    crochet, reading, crochet, collecting antiques, crochet......
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    Retired TA, Avon Lady since 1999, now teaching crochet class at our local Senior Center
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    Since about 1965
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    afghans, scarves, shawls, bags
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  1. Avon Lady


    Welcome, Mildred!
  2. Avon Lady

    Hello again

    Welcome back--to CraftyLady and to Segi!! ! Happy to see you here again! It's changed, but lots of us "old people" are still here!
  3. Avon Lady

    Granny squares and chatty friends 2019

    We woke up to 1 degree this morning!!
  4. Avon Lady


    Please give my thanks to your husband for his service! I had 3 brothers in the WWII and one in Korea.
  5. Avon Lady

    New (sort of)

    Welcome back to the 'Ville!
  6. Avon Lady

    Granny squares and chatty friends 2019

    Here I am! Here I am!! My bday is in Sept.
  7. Avon Lady


    Hi, Cathy Rose! Welcome to the 'Ville! What is it you need help with?
  8. Avon Lady

    Lion Brand Homespun Romanesque

    Have you tried eBay? Sometimes they have old discontinued colors. Good Luck!!
  9. Avon Lady

    Need help with a pattern

    You could always stitch the name on a piece of pretty cloth, and sew it on. But I agree with Brenda--it's almost impossible to embroider directly on crochet.
  10. Avon Lady

    crocheting in Alabama

    A big, hearty to the 'Ville! As far as the muscles getting used to lots of crocheting--after you make a 1001 items--you get sore muscles!!! So you have a LOT to look forward to!! But we wouldn't quit if we were ordered to!!! ☺️ Enjoy your crocheting!
  11. Avon Lady

    Our House (Part Three)

    Our weather has been odd here, too! It's been warmer than usual--in the 50's to 60's! It seems like the weather patterns are shifting these days!
  12. I'm back, as well! It sounds like everyone is pretty ready to go on this! I have just finished one afghan for the Veterans' hospital, and am about halfway through a Prayer Shawl for our local Hospice.
  13. Avon Lady

    Howdy fellow yarn players...

    Welcome to the 'Ville!
  14. Avon Lady

    Snowman and reindeer

    I simply adore the cheeky smiles!!! Thanks for sharing!
  15. Avon Lady

    "Last Visited" date not updating

    Maybe that was when the "glitch" happened! ????? I just checked mine--and it says September 8!!! Go figure! ????