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    Small town girl, married to a terrific guy for 50 years, this June!
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    Vincennes, in southwestern Indiana
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    crochet, reading, crochet, collecting antiques, crochet......
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    Retired TA, Avon Lady since 1999, now teaching crochet class at our local Senior Center
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    afghans, scarves, shawls, bags
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    Since about 1965

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  1. Beautiful!! Can you share the address for Operation Gratitude?
  2. My hubby actually bought two bars of Ivory soap yesterday at the store! I picked them up, and asked: "What are these things?" He just looked at me kind of stupidly--couldn't appreciate a joke, I guess!
  3. Oh! I can relate to that boss of yours! The day my father-in-law was buried, my boss called and had the nerve to ask me to come in to work!!! In fact, it "got my goat" so much that I called in the following day and told him I couldn't come back until the next week--(that was on a Friday).!!! Needless to say, I began the task of finding a better place to work immediately after that!!! And found one!!!
  4. Oh, I'm glad you finally got someone to show you how to drain the fluid!! It saves you going out each time to the doctors office!! I have COPD now, so I avoid as much contact as possible with the general public! My hubby and I get in the car every other day or so, and just drive around for a while, then go to McDonalds and grab a couple of sandwiches, and go to the park to eat them! Big outing!! But--as my Mom always used to say--"It blows the stink off!!"
  5. My hubby and I try to get out of the house every day--but all we do is drive around town. I have COPD now, and am really cautious of going ANYwhere that might be "dangerous"! So those rides are really comforting. We're "keeping tabs" on all the new business and construction going on all over town, and on the "re"-constructions being done on the damaged homes and businesses that were hit by a tornado that passed through our little town months ago! My hubby does all the shopping for us now, so I'm grateful for that! He knew what to do, because we've always gone everywhere together, at least for the last 52 years!!! So I have no qualms about him getting the wrong "stuff". (And I thank God for him every day!!!)
  6. Yes, Krys is correct--they're just for the individual bars of soap. I made some for stocking stuffers one year, and they were very well received!
  7. It's not just you! I've always had trouble working with Homespun! Just too soft...or something...! The lapghan is gorgeous!!!
  8. Thanks for sharing this!!!! I'm going to hang it on my wall!!!!
  9. Krys, I TOTALLY agree with everything you just said! People just don't realize how much care and work we put into our gifts!
  10. That certainly sounds like a "veranda"! It sounds beautiful! All we have in front of our front door are 3 concrete steps--and one of them is broken!!!
  11. I heard (saw) on TV this morning that they're considering some easier (less painful) Wow!! What a mailbox!!! Ours is an old black metal box beside our front door!! VERY blah!!! You go, girl!!
  12. That is BEAUTIFUL!!! My afghans always look so "common-place". I'll have to "do better" now, I think!
  13. Our sweet baby was fed much the same way as yours, but, unfortunately, we lost him to diabetes, when he was only 12 or 13 years old. We gave him an insulin shot every morning, and he had to have a certain diet. But he was a happy boy until he passed. Dogs (and cats--we had a cat for 11 years) are just little boys and girls in human jammies!!
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