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    Small town girl, married to a terrific guy for 50 years, this June!
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    Vincennes, in southwestern Indiana
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    crochet, reading, crochet, collecting antiques, crochet......
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    Retired TA, Avon Lady since 1999, now teaching crochet class at our local Senior Center
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    afghans, scarves, shawls, bags
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    Since about 1965

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  1. Our spring was absolutely GORGEOUS this year! I think everything that COULD bloom DID!! And our fall was just as gorgeous, but just didn't last long enough!!!
  2. Welcome to the 'Ville!
  3. That is gorgeous!!! Is the pattern available online?? What's it called?
  4. Avon Lady


    Go back to that link you shared, and click on the picture that has "Pinterest" below it. I think that is the pattern for the blanket and edging.
  5. Ashia, did you try clicking on the pink box with the large C in it--then go to the box that reads MESSAGE. That might get a result. Good Luck!
  6. I'll GLADLY send you some of our weather today!!! It's 32 degrees, and snowing!!! And I'm trying to get "stuff" out of the garage, and into our van for our first Crafts Show sale of the Christmas season this coming Saturday!!! Of course, this weather could help get our customers into the Christmas Shopping spirit!!!
  7. Thank you for the pattern! This looks like a nice quick gift!!!
  8. It would probably be easier to just put a wide border around it. You can either match one of the colors in the variegated or just use the variegated. Put 2 stitches in each of the dcs on the sides, and just crochet regular stitches on each end.
  9. Mary Jo, I'm SO envious of your neat storage!!! I have yarn stashed in every little nook and cranny in my house!!!! I could probably start a yarn store!!!
  10. Mary Jo--are you absolutely SURE it was NOT a real witch??? You know--it IS that time of year!!! Were the wheels touching the ground??? OOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooo....
  11. Gosh!!! I haven't heard THAT for a few (MANY) years!!! I LOVED that show!!!!!!
  12. WOW!! It sounds like you have a dream of a groundskeeper!!! He sounded like he was very happy to do things for you!!
  13. Do you starch your bookmarks, or just dampen them and iron them? I make them for our craft shows, and have been starching them and pinning them to dry, but it takes FOREVER!!!
  14. Also, the fingers and toes on the MM ones are more detailed--but for the difference in the price....well!!! When you need several....!!!
  15. I made this a couple of years ago--and my gauge was also way off!! (Think maybe THEIR gauge may have been wrong????)
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