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    Small town girl, married to a terrific guy for 50 years, this June!
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    Vincennes, in southwestern Indiana
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    crochet, reading, crochet, collecting antiques, crochet......
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    Retired TA, Avon Lady since 1999, now teaching crochet class at our local Senior Center
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    Since about 1965
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    afghans, scarves, shawls, bags
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  1. Avon Lady

    2018 Stashbusting CAL

    Do you have the pattern for this rose--or the place to get it? Thanks.
  2. Avon Lady

    2018 Stashbusting CAL

    I'd never made any ponytail hats until this last week--I got 5 orders for them at our last crafts show on November 3rd!
  3. Avon Lady

    granny squares for those that need them jan 2018

    Gotcha' beat, Mary Jo! It was 23 here when I got out this morning at 7:50 A.M., with an inch of snow and about that much ice on the windshield of my car!!!
  4. Avon Lady

    Red Heart Christmas Calendar

    I just realized that too!! I had to go back and get all the ones I missed!! (As if I'm going to make them all!! Tee Hee!!!)
  5. Avon Lady

    granny squares for those that need them jan 2018

    That's the most important thing of all!!!!
  6. Avon Lady

    granny squares for those that need them jan 2018

    Wow! That's a great clock collection! Yes! I'm fortunate to have a "Handy Man" for a husband! Your collection sounds like a winner--especially the one that runs backwards!!
  7. Avon Lady

    crochet donations for your fav charity Jan 2019

    Katy--I just LOVE this afghan!!! Could you share your pattern with me? Pretty Please??!!
  8. Avon Lady

    New to crochet and to the forum

    Welcome to the 'Ville, Darryl! there are plenty of people here to help you! Have fun!!
  9. Avon Lady

    Red Heart Christmas Calendar

    You can click on the patterns for the first four weeks now. The others will show up every week. Have fun!
  10. Avon Lady

    granny squares for those that need them jan 2018

    My hubby has collected antique clocks for almost 40 years, so it's an all day job for him, twice a year, to reset all the ones that he's gotten working!!! After all those had been set, I found two electric clocks that I had to set!! He always forgets those!! He has cuckoo clocks, a grandfather clock (my favorite!), and many wall clocks and mantel clocks! There are "Bim-Bams", "Ding-Dongs", "Bong-Bongs", "Ping-Pings",--you name it! It used to be noisy and annoying on every hour---but---somehow, over the years, whenever one runs down---we actually miss it!!!
  11. Avon Lady

    Our House (Part Three)

    Our leaves are FINALLY turning!! The sun was on them this morning, and about half of the trees have nice beautiful orange and red leaves!! Gorgeous! I was really afraid the color was going to be sadly lacking this year--glad I was wrong!
  12. Avon Lady

    New & Having Issues

    It looks like it will curl, but after you get a few rows on it, it straightens out--just give it time!
  13. Avon Lady

    Basic Oldie - New stitch Newbie

    Welcome to Crochetville--the best Crochet Site online--from Indiana!
  14. Avon Lady

    New here !!

    Hello from Indiana--welcome to Crochetville!
  15. Avon Lady

    Just joined!

    Welcome, from Indiana!!