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  1. Very cool! I hope your daughter enjoys it.
  2. Hi Sarah! I came up with the name Green Owl Crochet (for my Etsy shop) instantly. It just popped in my head. I googled it and it wasn't taken, so voila! However, if you're debating about what name to use, maybe you can make a list of potential names? Good luck!
  3. Welcome! I have an adopted feline princess (cat) named Callie. She's my little lovebug! I also volunteer at the animal shelter where I adopted Callie.
  4. I recently crocheted a collar for my sister's dog, Hudson. He doesn't mind wearing it at all! Next, I'll crochet a collar for her other dog, Harlow. Harlow is a girl so I'll make something lacy and feminine.
  5. Too cute! I recently crocheted a collar for my sister's dog.
  6. Welcome! I don't have much family, so I mostly crochet for charity.
  7. Welcome, Sabrina! My dad has a parrot named Sabrina. She's a hyacinth macaw. Anyway, congrats to your aunt! I'm sure she'll love your handmade gift!
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