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200 Scarf


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I love this pattern (so easy!) and playing with color combinations! These are Baltimore Raven's colors (Black, Charcoal, Fig, Claret, Eggplant).


The original pattern by John Brinegar can be found here.


I started with 200 foundation single-crochets (instead of chaining 200).


Then I single-crocheted into each stitch for 3 rows per color.


5 colors, 3 rows each = 3000 stitches!!!


The chunky yarn makes this nearly 8.5 foot scarf super-warm and soft and while I HATE HATE HATE fringe on most crocheted items, I felt this scarf needed it (even for the guys!). The 3rd pic really shows the length!


I used LB Wool-Ease Thick & Quick, and an N-hook (once the scarf started to grow, it was like manual labor tossing it around to crochet it!)


I am just finishing another in 4 shades of blue (used 1 shade twice) for my friend who is in a fraternity whose colors are Blue & White.


My next one will be 5 shades of green! Cannot wait!


EDITED TO ADD ~ Pics of the Blue and White Scarf, finally completed!







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Love 'em, love 'em, love 'em! They are all great.

The blue one is mine - right? right? Dang, foiled again. :lol

Seriously, they are all pretty.

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