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  1. Hello and Welcome from far west Texas
  2. Oh my gosh that is tooo cute!!! My daughter has a stuffed animal that she wants clothes for--I am going to try this! I think it will fit! Thanks for the pattern!!!
  3. Oh wow! that is really nice!!
  4. That is really pretty!!! cute booties!
  5. Oh wow! that is one stylish outfit!!! soooo cute!!
  6. I feel guilty when I buy something for myself, (like clothes, shoes, make up..) I am a stay at home mom, and I rather buy stuff for my kids. Yarn.. No I dont feel guilty, If I didnt have this, I think I would go crazy! so I guess it benefits us all
  7. Hi I took a couple of weeks off from crocheting, (needed a break) but I am back to working on my granny squares I am using the Attic24 Summer Garden Granny square pattern. I have over 120 squares (ends woven in and everything) not sure if I am going to add a border between the squares. I turned this to this!
  8. I remember the doilies on the backs of my grandmother's couches! and tables, and dressers.... my mom wants me to make her some, but I cant get my fingers to work with the thread and small hook My other grandma (mom's mom) had the barbies with the crochet dress, I think they were pillows, the dresses had lots of ruffles. Oh and she wore a big hat! ha ha!!! I played with it when we went to visit. That is so cool you have your grandmother's linen apron!! and the memories!
  9. Very pretty!!! I love the neutral colors!!
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