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  1. very pretty and festive I need to make one. you are inspiring me.
  2. here are some felted ones with the holes prepunched could put non slip stuff maybe that you use on rugs on the bottom http://www.etsy.com/listing/106607409/soles-for-crocheted-shoes-for-slippers also I punched in rubber soles on google and a lot came up but the problem also is price and to get the holes in or one person suggested gluing them on the bottom of a whole crocheted shoe
  3. http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~mamie727/baby_in_blanket.htm
  4. this one looks awesome and I saved the free pattern. very nice and thankyou for the link Day to Night Poncho -- you need a lionbrand login, but it's free. This has a hood. You can make it in one color instead of two if you want.
  5. here is the pattern that I use http://beadedsocks.net/CrochetCradlePattern.pdf pictures of mine here http://www.ravelry.com/projects/BrendaLee/cradle-purse
  6. I think this one is it or similiar on facebook but doesn't say yet where the pattern is from I asked so maybe they will say where to buy the pattern scroll down on the page to read about it when you get there http://www.facebook.com/grannysquare
  7. it's incredible piece of work awesome.
  8. love it and I have to make one someday.
  9. Absolutely adorable! Thanks so much for your free pattern. You are a generous and talented lady.
  10. Gorgeous. I am going to have to see if I have that issue.
  11. lol okay thank you for that clarification. lol I will have to make two than and in your colors that you used. I thought I was losing my mind. lol I would keep looking at it thinking man the color is sure off. lol
  12. I got my yarn today in the mail so have did the first row only. lol I am anxious to get a few rows up and so I can see if I can do it. I ordered my yarn in the same colors the pattern says and they are two shades of purple not pink/red. I like it anyway but just wondering as the picture it looks pink/red.
  13. great job Debbi. love how it looks and than to have the other side the ripple. I can't wait till my yarn comes.
  14. Is anyone making this Sweetheart ghan wider?
  15. I'm in. I just ordered my yarn last night online and will be doing it in the same colors and yarn as in the pattern. So as soon as I get my yarn I'm with y'all. Thanks for the helpful tips on the pattern Kim. I copyied them and printed them out and will staple it in my magazine with your pattern.
  16. Thanks so much for the pattern. I would love to make these.
  17. I used lighthouse Ocean Sunset Ombre It's a 100 wool and I don't care for it. The yarn is thick and thin and crap even though the afghan looks nice. lol Also hard to rip out if you have to do some froggin.
  18. Thankyou ladies for your compliments and taking the time to post them.
  19. Grey 2 point round ripple finished and I have started another one. Hope that I posted the picture right and that you all get to see it.
  20. Thanks so much for your info and color scheme for your round ripple Soyamiso. That will really help me the color scheme as I never know what colors to put together and how. I just ordered that variegated stuff from MM but I have lots of baby yarn here and in all those colors. So that is fantastik and wish me luck. I have one round ripple on the go with variegated pink and just finished a grey variegated. As soon as I do in the ends of the blah grey one I will post a pic.
  21. Love your afghan pattern and the colors. Will have to hunt up mine and if I don't have one will have to order a kit from MM. Is yours a kit from MM or just the pattern?
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