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  1. I bought one of each size at Walmart. The problem that I have with these is that when I was working with 2 strands of WW yarn, it started to fold back on itself. It didn't close all the way but I can tell that with use, as the gadget loosens up, it will not work at all. I keep mine in my purse with a ball of cotton yarn to make dishcloths if I get stranded somewhere with a long wait.
  2. When I get frustrated, I make a quick project that I can finish in one evening as I watch TV. A quick, easy project would be a simple dishcloth.
  3. After supper when hubby and I sit down to watch our shows is when I pull out my hook and yarn. Rarely do I crochet during the day unless it is a project I have in my purse and I'm waiting for a doctors appointment.
  4. My friend came to visit me once and she liked a minion hat I had in my gift drawer. She had to have it for her grandchild who lived with her. She told me her husband threw it away. No more crocheted things for her.
  5. Very pretty. I think the border sets it off.
  6. Thank you very much. I appreciate all your kind comments.
  7. Just thought I'd show you a hat and scarf set I recently finished. I love these patterns and I've made the hat several times. They're easy to whip up when I'm sitting down at night watching a little television. Pattern information is on my blog. Thanks for looking.
  8. We became snowbirds this year and came down to Florida to get away from cold winters and snow. I bought some cheap microfiber dishcloths and dishrags at Dollar Tree to start us out. Husband usually does the dishes so when he complained about microfiber not doing the job, I went to Walmart (my stash is in Kentucky) and got some cotton yarn and made some new dishcloths. Patterns are all free and if you want them the information is on my blog.
  9. boksie

    Elf Hat

    Thank you very much.
  10. boksie

    doggie sweater.

    There are a bunch of links for pet clothes here.
  11. Great job and what a nice idea. Don't feel bad about being late. Just sent my mil gift off. I ordered it right after Thanksgiving and I just got it and then I had to mail it because I forgot to change the shipping address on Amazon.
  12. boksie

    Elf Hat

    I haven't been here for a while, life has just been busy. I wanted to share this hat with you. A friend requested this hat for an "elf" she is friends with. Pattern information is on my blog. Thanks for looking.
  13. Very nice and I think your use of orange added some pizzazz.
  14. Cute. I think that is a pretty neat way to knit.
  15. Very nice and the color is great too!
  16. I received a request to make a minion hat for a little boy. Unfortunately, my gauge was off or something because it fits an adult. The pattern was easy and offered various ways to customize it. I will be making this hat again pretty soon and will down-size the hook sizes. I think it might be cute to have matching mother-son hats ! You can see the pattern information on this page on my blog.
  17. I have a long term project I'm working on out of recycled yarn and small scrap balls of yarn. I'm spool knitting a cord and then crocheting it with an S Hook to make a floor mat for my chihuahua.
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