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    Benita Davis
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    I learned to crochet about 40 years ago and just started back recently. I'm a caretaker of my two disabled sisters so crocheting really relaxes me. I'm still at the beginning stage but I hope to expand my abilities.
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    Baton Rouge, LA
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    I love crocheting, but I also like reading, listening to music, walking with my lab, & movies
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    Scarves and christmas items
  1. Beautiful bag, I love the colors! The recipient will be so happy. Can't wait for the clues to begin.
  2. I'm 53 and been crocheting off and on for 39 years
  3. Finally! I know the state and the who! I love playing!
  4. Another awesome tote. Can't wait for the first clue! Happy Easter Everyone!
  5. Wow! Gorgeous afghan. I have never done an afghan before, but you have truly inspired me!
  6. Real nice pattern. Well wishes to your friend and I'm sure the fundraiser will be successful.
  7. Oh, this is such fun, I think I know who!!!
  8. They're so cute! You can count me entered.
  9. I know the state! I'm a newbie to the 'ville (only been here a year) and don't expect to win, but I love mystery games. I really look forward to guessing the clues every month!
  10. Love the colors in the bag. The colors remind me of dyed easter eggs! You do such beautiful work.
  11. Great idea! I just sent my gift. Happy Birthday Crochetville. I love just love this place!
  12. You did a wonderful job! They are beautiful.
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