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  1. I'm retired, but don't usually start my crocheting until evening. I crochet while I watch tv. I usually quit about midnight unless I'm working on something I can't seem to stop.
  2. If I need a portable project, I would perhaps do one of my hats. Right now I'm trying to finish an afghan, but I had to stop and do a birthday gift. I won't start more than one large project at a time.
  3. Thank you! Some times I have to hunt for the book! About 18 months ago I decided I must learn to read patterns well. Up until then, I had only made a pair of slippers and a granny square from a pattern. Right now I'm working on an afghan that I have to re-learn if I lay it down for too many days. I need lots of help too!
  4. I also write down what size hook I'm using. I have a project book and write down the particulars when beginning a project.....pattern name....yarn I'm using....hook size.....any special notes. I also add any notes or changes I make as I go along.
  5. My grandmother taught me to crochet when I was a child. I worked at it off an on through the years. About 2 years ago I decided I was going to learn to use patterns (I had only made a couple of items with patterns before). I also determined to learn thread crochet. A few months ago I made my first doily. This is the most successful year I have ever had in crochet.
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