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  1. It looks to me like the top of the front panel should cover a bit of the sides at the top. In other words, wrap around baby's sides a bit. Hence the centering of the buttons. When I diaper dgs, if the diaper is on the larger size, the tabs pull nearly to the center in front. The more he grows, that same size diaper does not meet so close together in the center. I think Kathy is correct, there will be a right placement for the buttons. It may be an individual fit.
  2. curlysue

    Hat Help!

    Not long ago I saw the foam heads at Hobby Lobby. I don't remeber the price but I thought at the time it was quite reasonable.
  3. I think it is an interesting stitch, but I've never done it. I will eventually try it on something, I'm not sure what.
  4. What a nice square! I like squares. Thanks for sharing!
  5. I'm getting to where I wind most skeins into balls. Sometimes when I do find the center thread it is hard to pull for a bit.
  6. Very pretty! I might like to try those.
  7. That's great! It came back to one of two stores near me also.
  8. That is just lovely! I'm so glad you were able to correct it.
  9. Last time I was there, the ILTY shelves were almost empty.
  10. Thanks for sharing the link! I too, have had an interest in trying freeform. I've hesitated as I had no idea how to go about it!
  11. I'm just now using this yarn for the first time. I love working with it! I have no experience in washing it. I also like the colors.
  12. curlysue

    help me please

    I recently hand sewed my first zipper into an unlined bag. I sewed it in before sewing up the sides. Wheat's link looks really great.
  13. I agree. These three tips I learned by experience.
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